The Glamorous Aspiration.

Women who could have done better.

I have just finished watching a TV programme on BBC3 called Page Three Teens; it was enlightening to say the least. This programme really depressed me. It followed this one 17-year-old girl on her exploration of the Glamour model industry. She was not stupid; in fact she was highly driven, ambitious and confident. So why I wondered was he aim in life to take off her bra?

This really shocked me, the programme informed me that in a phone poll of women aged 18-24 63% would rather be a glamour model than be a nurse or a teacher. Where has the determination of young people, in this case women gone? This really highlights a huge problem in education in my opinion. The stale, prescribed, conveyor belt of spoon fed knowledge that is our education system is unsurprisingly not enthusing our young people. Schools and education have to compete for the aspiration of their students, parents too play an invaluable role. In a world where celebrity is held as all mighty the virtues of a more professional life need now to be extolled more than ever.

More worryingly the programme also highlighted a trend of girls as young as 12 posing on the Internet as if they were glamour models, leaving these children exposed to the full perversion the Internet has to offer. This is a horrendous situation for young girls to be in, and reaffirms the message that the internet needs better monitoring, but that parents must be making sure their children are safe online. This leaves me feeling empty about the state of childhood and aspiration in this country.

Apparently we are becoming one of the least socially mobile countries in the world, and this can only get worse if girls and young women only aspire to pander to horny dirty men but getting their tits out for the lads. In a line that could have been uttered by a pervert, a female photographer commented “I don’t want to get into anything deep right now, coz (sic) I’ve not seen her boobs” sounds like some men’s dream line.

We need to inspire our young people to see beyond the cover of Bliss magazine and the latest Big Brother and show them a world of opportunity and dignity, where they can be equal to men not the inspiration for their self-gratification. This trend of celebrity is having real affects now and we need to counter it, and I am glad DC talked of a responsible media in society, it needs to come fast.

Oh and the girl’s thoughts on becoming 18 at the end of the show: “I’m an adult now, I can vote, or go topless!”

At least she is voting, May 1st Vote Blue go… you can finish that off, but I am putting out the recycling!!!


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