Mr. Rainbow

Hello. My name is Mr. Rainbow and this aims to be the first of many blogs on my thoughts about student politics and somewhere close to my heart, the University of Birmingham Guild of Students.

Firstly, why am I publishing anonymously? It is so that when you wonder who “Mr. Rainbow” is, the picture created on this so far blank canvas will have been made by my words and thoughts. You can’t infer from the colour of my tie, the style of my hair or the colloquialism of my accent which way I swing politically. For once, when you engage with a blog your thoughts won’t immediately be coloured by knowing who I am, my background and personality. Instead when you debate with me you will have to engage purely with my words.

I chose the name Mr. Rainbow because my outlook can’t be pinned underneath one heading, or one colour. Rather my thoughts range across a spectrum which some find hard to believe one person can occupy.

How do we overcome student apathy at the Guild of Students? Indeed, is there even a problem, or has it always been like this? Is optimism for next years executive founded, or will it inevitably lead to disappointment? On the bigger picture, is there any point of modern student politics? There is no singular truth to any of these questions, but there are opinions and it is these that I truly look forward to finding.


3 thoughts on “Mr. Rainbow

  1. If you believe in what you say you shouldn’t be ashamed to say it! Stop being anonymous and start standing up for what you believe in!

  2. I’m not ashamed to say it which is why it’s on here! However if you know who I am and start putting a face to a name, along with a personality to who “Mr. Rainbow” is then you will lose focus of exactly what the blog says. You will start to argue because it’s a game, whereby the one who argues longer and loudest wins, and you detract from the serious content I try to put forward.

  3. Hello Mr. Rainbow – The thing about rainbows is, the closer you get to them, the further away they get. You may not want to be tied down with political allegiances, and you say your beliefs cover a broad spectrum – but I hope this doesn’t mean you’re just going to express a number of these ‘truths’ or opinions without committing yourself. I want some answers to those questions you ask!

    So come on, let’s see the crock of gold at the end of your rainbow… and truly, I mean that in purely a platonic sense.

    I look forward to reading your blogs.

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