NO this is not simply a DOD rambling, but a shock new yougov opinion poll finding. Baroness Thatcher comfortably surpassed Tony Blair when people were asked who they would pick to lead the country at the height of their powers if they had the choice. David Cameron, the current Conservative leader, trailed far behind both – but was still ahead of Gordon Brown. In another shock twist almost two thirds of Tory voters said they would prefer Lady Thatcher to the current party leader. The poll confirms that Lady Thatcher, 82, is also considered, again by a long distance, to be the country’s greatest post-war prime minister, well ahead even of Winston Churchill during his second term in office in the 1950s. Maybe she could comeback and fight an election…after all Gladstone was 83 when he formed his 4th administration!

Full results can be found here.


5 thoughts on “BRING BACK MAGGIE

  1. ‘Absence makes the heart grow fonder’; ‘time’s a great healer’ … and any number of other cliches to explain why a very considerable majority of the population were very glad indeed to see the back of her in 1990. Perhaps it’s because they no longer have to pay the poll tax and have forgotten how iniquitous it was.

  2. Or perhaps it’s because she is the closest thing we’ve had in recent years to a real PM, yes a very considerable number of people were glad to see the back of her, but the Conservatives did with Thatcher what Labour did with Blair – stabbed the best Leader they’ve ever had in the back.

    The results aren’t particularly suprising, look at the shit we have now.

  3. Many people in this country regardless of political affiliation have great respect for Mrs T or at least an undeniable curiosity and bewilderment as to why a woman who left office 18 years ago remains such an influential and towering figure in British political and social life. Even those who detest her readily admit she was a very strong minded woman who said what she meant and meant what she said. However I think the ‘fruits of her labour’ have developed over the decades, admittedly, under the guidance and nurturing of the Blair government.

    I think the re-evaluation of the Thatcher legacy was inevitable. She had the misfortune of having to admisiter a very bitter tonic to British society during her premiership, but be in no doubt we are stronger for it now. Mrs T was prepared to do arguably unthinkable things in the short term to secure a long term growth to the benefit of all in Britain. I am not suprised by the results above as I think that Mrs T, whilst maybe not loved, attracts intrigue and fascination like no other. Perhaps people feel that in these uncertain economic times we need someone of mrs thatchers steel to work her ‘magic’ once again. Who knows?

  4. Yeah she’d be great for the economy: Recession Boom Recession and then a grey person cleaning up the mess.

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