Yes Sir No Sir Three Bags Full Sir!

Today DC has announced new measures to tackle bad behaviour and discipline in schools. He has propsed that Headmasters should not have to defend their decision to expell pupils to a appeals panal, that teachers should be able to remove disruptive children from the class and that good schools should not be forced to take pupils expelled from other ones, in the policy of sharing disruption that we have at the moment.

On the whole i support these policies which are aimed a strengthening the authority of teachers and other staff. The removal of certain pupils from classes would not doubt immdiatly improve the learning environment for the majority. However where would these pupils go?

Pupils who fail to respond to the attempt of teachers to instill it need to go to a different style of education centre. I would suggest state boarding schools. In most cases the child’s delinquency could be accuratly traced to poor discipline in the home, and or an unstructured family life. Rather than the current system of seperate schools where the child still goes home to this disruptive home life, a state boarding schools would allow education professionals to instill dicipline at all levels of the child’s life. So from maths to eating diner order and structure could be CONSISTANTLY enforced. Over a relativly short period of time this conditioning would instill a proper sense of respect and discipline.

This would of course be more expensive than our current system, but perhaps the investment in our future is worth it no? or perhaps you are satisfied with continuing to create a youth which chooses to sit on the back of buses playing ridiculous music smoking all manner of things?

The current system has failed it is time for something more drastic, the state should not be scared to intervene when neccessary, and we should not be scared of advocating it. By providing a better environment for these children we liberate them from a life of under-achievement.


One thought on “Yes Sir No Sir Three Bags Full Sir!

  1. Using your argument, a respectful, intelligent young boy could get expelled for a stupid, heat of the moment decision, without being subject to the panel, consisting of teachers that he may have made good friends with over the course of his academic career? Not only that, he would not then have the ability to join another school, forced to go to a state boarding school. That cripples that boys life, you realize, as this “Better Environment” would not provide the boy with the opportunities that a prestigious school presents. He could have gone on to do great things, however by “liberating from that life of under-achievement”, you effectively close many doors in his future. Also, allow for the possibility of a principle disliking a student, deserved or not, that could end up in named student being kicked out for reasons that are not deserving of that punishment. I agree that repeat problem students would have to be dealt with, however wouldn’t the panel side with the principal in that case? I have to take the side of the boy, because if I don’t, under your proposed idea, no one will.

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