The Legitimate Case for the Reinstatement of the British Empire.

Victoria Memorial Calcutta

This is a simple argument which is rarely voiced as it is not seen as PC to do so, but silence on this issue is just not good enough any longer. There is a real economic and social case to be made for the reinstatement of the British Empire.

Britain has one of the largest economies on the Planet, but it is also one of the smallest nation states on the globe. What is needed is more living space; “labensraum” with so many former colonial countries just brimming with space this idea makes perfect sense. Currently the land restriction has a dire effect on the economy; that in times of boom the economy over heats and recession comes. With this plan the economy is left to grow and prosperity it brought to many parts of the third world as well as increased wealth for us here in Britain.

There are arguments beyond the economic for this idea. When the Empire unceremoniously collapsed in the mid twentieth century we left behind us a real political mess, which has led to many on going wars. A re-colonisation of these countries could in fact bring back political harmony too much of the world and would allow us to government them effectively like we so brilliantly did before.

The Sun never set on the British Empire the whole world bathed in the Golden light of British rule, it is about time that this economic and political utopia was born again.

God Save the Queen!


3 thoughts on “The Legitimate Case for the Reinstatement of the British Empire.

  1. Luke and gareth, you tow are a disgrace, its people like you that are the reason than Britian is becoming a 3rd world country, uniteing the empire will cause our economy to boom, we will be able to instill nationalism, make people proud to be british! This would do wonders for britiain.

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