Another Lady Thatcher on the block!


Sir Mark Thatcher, the controversial son of Former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, has secretly married his long term girlfriend, Sarah Russell, in Gibraltar. Russell is not a name that has frequently appeared in the headlines, but news that she is now officially the new Lady Thatcher is likely to change that. This is not to say that the new Lady Thatcher isn’t accustomed to Conserative circles. The 42-year-old is the sister of Viscountess Rothermere, whose husband, Lord Rothermere, oversees the Daily Mail empire. One can’t help but wonder what Lady Thatcher Senior makes of the new addition to the Thatcher entourage…



15 thoughts on “Another Lady Thatcher on the block!

  1. “Lord Rothermere, oversees the Daily Mail empire…”

    Ah yes, I seem to remember that the Rothermores have backed some interesting politicians in their time. ;)

  2. “Ah yes, I seem to remember that the Rothermores have backed some interesting politicians in their time. ;)”

    I assume you are reffering to the fact that in 1997 Lord Rothermere supported Labour?… To be fair Jack even I would have voted Labour in 1997. I think Rothermere was still bitter about Majors part in the Thatcher fall, he couldnt vent his frustration in 1992 as the alternative was even more ghastly! However 97 presented the perfect oppourtunity to extract a little bit of revenge. After all tony was a tory of the Thatcher persuasion so it was ok to support him!:P

  3. Why are you reporting this trash dan? Your obsession with the Queen, the monarchy, Margaret Thatcher, Thatcher’s son, Thatcher’s health, Thatcher’s public engagements, is all a bit much.

  4. No one wants to know about Mark Thatcher. Everyone except his mother wishes he’d never been found in the Sahara.

  5. No it is accurate… you going on to me about thatcher posts when you have just published at least 10… and Im sure there are more in waiting… strikes me somewhat of the pot calling the kettle black!

    We all post on different topics… ryan with his education/nhs. themes.. theo with his American etc… and I prefer to post on “the old school issues” and occassionally on International politics. You once said it was a strength of the blog having varied topics and just because certain posts on the moonarchy for example don’t interest you… it doesn’t mean it doesn’t interest anyone else. Besides weve got to give BULS some ammunition!

    Also I too have no time for Mark Thatcher however there was a distinct lack of any posting lately so i did a quick 2 minute blog which was intended to be lighthearted nothing more… because and this may shock you… it was in the news Daniel.

  6. Dan, my attempt to bust Thatcher fallacies do not amount to an obsession with Thatcher, her health, her kids, her rare public engagements and so on.

  7. If its in the news… which it is… then it is a legitimate story to comment on… If you recall thatchers hospitalisation led the news for god knows how long. It is a matter of national interest. And Dan… you love Thatcher don’t deny your secret fetish:P

  8. “I assume you are reffering to the fact that in 1997 Lord Rothermere supported Labour?…”

    No. Oswald Mosley actually.

  9. oh right you’re going that far back lol… well yes this is true the Rothermeres did support Mosley… they even supported Hitler! On a side note the rothermeres desperately wanted to avoid war with Germany and thus supported the policy of appeasement persued by Chaimberlain.

    You should remember though that Oswald Mosley attracted much support from both the left and right in Britain and his ideas were fairly popular. Although it is no justification, fascism was becoming increasingly popular not just in Britain but in the wider world. Fascists emmerged as we know as governments in countries like Italy and Germany and in many respects it was acceptable to a degree to be a fascist. Further to this Oswald, with his conservative and aristocratic roots, did appeal to many conservatives so the Rothermeres support for him, whilst misguided, is not entirely suprising. Sadly it was the time.

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