Pomp & Politics


Nicolas Sarkozy has been welcomed to Windsor Castle by the Queen as he begins a state visit to Britain, the first such visit by a French President in over a decade. His arrival in the UK has been characterised by pomp and pageantry in a way which arguably only the British can pull off. The spectacular and traditional scenes which greeted his arrival has sparked much interest with many well-wishers turning out to greet the visiting President. Whilst naturally all eyes in Windsor were on the Queen and Sarkozy, there is an element of fascination and curiosity regarding the new First Lady of France, Carla Bruni. Miss Bruni now currently being reffered to as Mrs Starker-zy due to the nude modeling shots of her currently circulating in the tabloids, conducted herself in a manner befitting a First Lady as she greeted the Queen with a deep curtsey (and in case you are wondering…yes she kept her clothes on).

Whilst today is very much about pomp, tomorrow will be politics. Sarkozy and Brown have much to discuss regarding the financial crises gripping the world economy (which unfortunately we cannot pin entirely on Brown.. tempting as it may be), the issues arising from immigration and, naturellement, Britains relationship with Europe. So quite a few political hot potatoes to cover in a short space of time, will this visit mark a new era in Anglo-French relations or should we not think about the politics and just enjoy the pomp?


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