A Candidate for all colours and cultures?


 Amidst all the essay hand in jollifications, I noticed that Barack Obama has commented on the issue of race. Now to my suprise he has tackled the issue head on and acknowledged, what I feel is blaringly obvious, America remains deeply racially divided. If he is to have any realy chance of reaching the Presidency then he has to acknowledge a symptom of the country he clearly wishes to lead. That symptom is that an other wise successful and ‘helathy’ country remains crippled by a cancerous racial divide. Yes it isn’t as obvious as it used to be, but it remains a distinct feature of American life.

This racial divide however is not just “whites v. blacks” as one may assume, it filters in to all social and ethnic groups, black/white, latino/muslim, muslim/white, black/latino, black/muslim etc etc If Obama has any chance of reaching the Presidency he needs to deal with this issue head on and to my great suprise he is beginning to. The best thing he can do is try to show the American people how he is going to be  candidate for all classes ‘cultures and colours’ in American society, not hide behinde the rhetoric of change. However I ackknowledge this is easier said than done, I don’t feel Obama will be the candidatee to heal the divide, but I feel he may set an example for other potential candidates to follow.

The old saying ‘He who wields the knife never wears the crown’ Obama must tackle the issue of Americas racial divide because ultimately I don’t feel he has any other chance of getting the Presidency. Gaining the nomination of the Democrats has been one thing, and that has been pretty damn tricky for him, getting the Presidency of the United States is quite annother.


2 thoughts on “A Candidate for all colours and cultures?

  1. Despite his attempts at being racially inclusive, Obama will never get the Hispanic vote. They will remain loyal to the Clinton legacy that Bill left.

  2. This is true. I believe will never get to the top, and I think the democrats will be making a big mistake by making him their nominee. Who cares about change really? words are cheap, I’d rather have a competant leader who has been tried and tested… and after all anybody would be a change after Dubya.

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