Boris might actually win it . . .


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12% lead, it seems like the ground is shifting. However, there are 45days remaining there is a long way to, and these polls need to build up a constant consistent lead if to be taken seriously.

 However, it is good news, and I am sure me writing about another poll, will wind a few Labour members up.

 See Boris’ speech at Spring Forum:


17 thoughts on “Boris might actually win it . . .

  1. Whilst this poll means practically nothing – it should be a wake-up call to both Labour supporters and any other progressive thinkers living in London. Having Boris Johnson as Mayor of London would be absolutely disastrous for the city. Johnson can quite skillfully craft himself as a bumbling and amusing idiot (and perhaps this poll indicates that it’s working), but a scratch below the surface reveals him as a Tory of very worst sort, and the sort that even you lot are realising you need to shake off if you’re going to reattach with the electorate.

    If the worst does happen and we lose Ken, there will be the saving grace that Johnson will have at least a few years before the next General Election to remind the public exactly how disastrous the old Conservatism that lurks under the facade can be.

  2. Ken has been an effing disgrace. I can’t wait until we get our hands on the books and pull up the drains. I’ve got a feeling it will make the mess we found after taking over from Labour in Hounslow in 2006 and Birmingham a few years before look petty.

    Leaving aside Ken’s tripling of his budget, the fact that he has more press officers than Downing Street and the dubious company he keeps, he has singularly failed in the areas where he could have made a difference such as crime and other quality of life issues.

    It’s very important to win this race as a beacon to highlight what a positive difference Conservative administrations can make.

  3. It has to be worth mentioning though Jimmy, that if all Paddicks second preference votes go to Ken after he is knocked out its 49 all

    How exciting . . .

  4. interesting point there alex, but the poll seems to indicate Boris is actually leading in the second preferentials too, with 20% compared to Ken’s 17%.

    John, do you genuinely believe all the drivel you write.. I’m sorry but ‘Tory of the very worst sort” what does that even mean, you provide no justification to your reasoning whatsoever. Boris with his bumbling exterior is actually extremely qualified for the position; having succeeded academically and throughout a variety of careers, but more importantly, which I think is the bit that scare’s you die hard labourites so much is that he actually connects with people.

    Boris will make a good mayor, and though he has been known to put his foot in it in the past I think we all know Ken is very apt at that skill himself.

    And let’s not forget that Ken was never your government’s choice in the first place, in fact if I remember rightly Blair campaigned very strongly against him..

  5. Good call, Theo. Not only did Blair campaign hard against Livingstone (cant be bothered to research the exact quotes) but I don’t believe Brown has mentioned Livingstone by name during the campaign. Boris could be a great city leader. It would be nice to have an enabler rather than a dictator, a pragmatist rather than an ideologue, someone who believes in human nature.

    PS A psychologist would have a field day analysing John’s passive aggressive modus operandi.

  6. I don’t know if you actually live in London praguetory but for those of us who do it is clear the improvement that has been made over the past 8 years, the investment is most obvious in transport where finally there is more capacity, better buses/trains and more frequent times. (partly to do with national govt too) It is all to often that you hear people outside of london talking about how lovely the routemasters looked but they didn’t actually have to ride them day in day out, (try sitting comfortably in one if you’re 6ft or over) for those who did they will realise the space and difference the bendy buses and new double deckers make.

    It’s clear the oyster system and the electronic screens at bus stops that now tell you when the bus is actually coming have made life so much easier and this would not have occurred with somebody like Boris who would prefer to not spend the money resulting in a crap (albeit with a small set of routemasters that would no doubt please those who don’t travel on them regularly) public transport system where a few might be better off who are fine not taking public transport but the majority will have to suffer.

    I guess I took your bait : P but screw it the thought of Boris as my mayor depresses me too much.

  7. Excuse me dave, but do you genuinely believe that had boris been mayor no modernisation of the British transportation system would have occurred.. Where do you get this assumption that Boris would have not spent the money in the first place, not once has he spoken about reducing the size of city hall’s budget. Yes a few good things have occurred under Ken’s dictatorship but that’s no reason to keep someone as arrogant and corrupt in his position!! And let’s not forget about the large amounts of money ken has flitted away so carelessly -£500,000 on a bus driven to beijing for the 2008 Olympics, why? Donations to the european communist party!! Not even declaring how he funds his own mayoral campaign! and this is just scratching the surface!

    You mention the fact we aren’t Londoners, well think about those people who don’t live in London for just one second, £4 for a single on the tube no matter how many stops you take, you think that’s a genuine improvement??!! and just in case you didn’t realise we all pay the same congestion charge and I certainly haven’t noticed any improvements in congestion since its introduction.

    One last thing; the routemasters Boris has suggested will not be identical to the ones that we had before, he’s asked for modernised more environmentally friendly and disabled friendly (which bendy buses aren’t) buses, which will be phased in.

  8. Er, I have lived in London during Ken’s rule, both in Fulham and Chiswick – areas swinging strongly to the Tories since Ken has fluffed the mayoral job. The cost of public transport (which I used every day went through the roof during my time in London). In 2006, I’d like to think I played a small part in turfing Labour out of Hounslow for the first time in 38 years. I’m a good friend with many contributors to Anyone But Ken and a great admirer of the work Cllr Phil Taylor does. I love the ad hominem/you don’t know what you’re talking about line – v weak and completely incorrect. I don’t opine on things that I don’t know anything about.

  9. I think when you look at his calculations regarding how much will be spent on these new routemasters which haven’t been designed, he is underestimating by at least £100m according to independent transport consultant, the fact is he isn’t willing to put the investment in because it essentially is against what he stands for. Boris is an intelligent man but he is somebody who feels that money is best put in tax breaks then invested in public services and this leads to underinvestment and sums like this.

    The only reason somebody would pay £4 for a ticket is if they couldn’t be bothered to go to the window desk at most train stations and get an oyster, in which case you would pay £1.50 not £4, which yes i do think is a genuine improvement. If you actually lived in london you would realise that back prior to 1998 we were paying 70p for buses that were fairly unreliable, not up to scratch and hadn’t been given the proper funding, now we are paying 90p for a far more frequent service, modern buses and additional features as i mentioned with the timers. This I consider a dramatic improvement. There is also the fact that now students in education 18 and under get free travel, which along with initiatives like free museum entry has helped so many families to get out and about together. Of course this was opposed by the Tories who consider it a waste of money because again they don’t like seeing the level of investment that is needed and like the idea of collective punishment for all because a few might abuse their privileged of free transport.

    Along with the congestion charge perhaps if you actually lived in London then you would realise that yes it has made a difference and been a success, the majority of Londoners want to keep it because they remember the state of London before. It is no coincidence that you find a number of cities around the world now implementing such a charge and additionally most also support the £25 gas-guzzling charge which Boris opposes.

    The fact is Boris has had little actual interest in London transport prior to this campaign, he couldn’t even be bothered to vote on Crossrail in Parliament. I don’t want somebody who aside from not voting on it doesn’t even know who this £16b investment is owned by. (as seen in his manifesto)

    I look at what Ken has done for me in my everyday life and see an actual improvement, in Boris we have somebody who would increase congestion in London, not be willing to invest into transport, for token gestures of a new routemaster that hasn’t even been designed and have somebody who essentially hasn’t been bothered to take an active interest in London issues until recently.

  10. At what point does Dave Borland and his ilk get embarassed with Ken? I know that tone at the top of Labour is despicable, but the stench around Ken is becoming unbelievable.

    Arrestsdonation investigationsplain misuse of funds.

    Just for the record is there any corruption, fraud or crime which would cause Ken’s supporters to draw the line or do they have no scruples?

  11. If you notice praguetory I did not say that you didn’t live in London albeit you actually don’t as you have just said but I merely questioned whether you did. It was not a case of you not having an opinion, I respect your view even if you live outside London as you can visit (which i’m glad you have done) and read articles and so forth but if you live in London then it is easier to keep track of the changes over the past 8 years, which is why I asked.

  12. i like that i have an ilk now. If we are going to talk about fraud and crime then how about mentioning Boris’ activities with Guppy along with no doubt his many legal activities with the Bullingdon Club. I actually don’t profess to think either Boris or Ken are squeaky clean both having merky episodes that do not reflect well. It’s a case of let him without sin throw first stone.

    However, when i look at who I think would be better overall in Mayor there is no competition as Ken has clearly shown how improvements can be made with investment, compared to Boris who hasn’t been concerned with London issues till recently and takes an ideological perspective that while I respect do not agree with.

  13. The important difference is that Ken’s in post – the man’s a disgrace.

    Nice attempt at an anti-Boris smear. You’re not a recipient of Ken’s largesse yourself are you – and if not, why not?

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