Headteachers’ cowardice: Forced Marriage Poster

 Government poster against forced marriages

The Government very admirably is trying to tackle the issue of Forced Marriage. One aspect of its approach is a poster for schools. This approach aims to raise awarness of the general school population, but specifically can give vital information to any girl or boy who fear that they may become victims of their motherland’s barbaric culture. The poster is quite explicit in its message abnd rightly so.

 Therefore it absolutly amazes me that some schools mostly in cuturally diverse areas (where the posters are most needed) are refusing to put the posters up for fear of causing offense. Well i am sorry these posters should cause offence,i am more offended by anyone being made to marry than i am about a few cultural senstitvities. It is often aspoused that we do not have a cultural identity, well i would challenge that. It is our identity that we allow people the freedom to choose what they do, free from fear and intimidation and schools should be standing up and challenging cultural practices which are abhorrent.

This is a subject which seems to be taboo amongst local authorities and local communities but as labour MP Martin Salter has commented (he was on a committee who launched the poster) “there has been a culture of silence for too long”.

 Headmasters all around this country should put up these posters and stand up for the individual human rights of their pupils rather than using PC politics as a smokescreen.


10 thoughts on “Headteachers’ cowardice: Forced Marriage Poster

  1. If I were a headteacher there wouldn’t be a place for government propaganda in my school. I’d return it in the post.

  2. This isn’t propaganda Daniel, what a naive comment.

    This is a poster providing vital contact details for any person who is in fear of being forced to marry.

    to display this information is part of essential pastoral care.

    on another note i have an idea for you.

  3. Hear hear. Why on earth should this be a party political matter? Forced marriage is as barbaric as it is backward. Anyone born this side of the dark ages should support this campaign.

  4. I would not put this crap on my walls on the basis that there are a lot of contact details for a lot of difficult issues, and I would consider it a failure of my in-school pastoral care structures if pupils had to resort to outside assistance. Furthermore my school would aim to teach young people how to think maturely, so that they do not have to be directed by government issued posters.

    And, I’m not making this a party political matter. I just said it was government propaganda. The fact that the current government is Labour is irrelevant.

    I’m intrigued by this idea though…

  5. Daniel Schools often have focus times for certain issues, it i the school being abit more proactive in one area than normal, the ame is done for racism, bulling, etc. i take your point that you feel the school would be doing this job effectivly without the aid of this poster but the truth is there are not.

    many schools do not know how to tackle this issue, and this poster is just to give help and access ot advice, most school have the childline number on display too.

    i take the point that propaganda like we have seen ith the iraq war is tryingt o come into schools, but on this issue i think any effort ot break the taboo which exists is welcome, and this poster would be welcome. you must remember too that the main reasin cited in the article i read for not displaying it was not government intrusion, but FEAR OF OFFENSE that is something that needs urgent adressing.

    it’s not that exciting, but it could lead to a themed diner…

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