you have no right to choose at conception

It has been in the news lately about the debate surround a deaf couple’s want to make sure there ivf baby is also deaf so that it can share in their own culture and experiences. This is wrong, and so is all human choice in conception.

We have no right whatsoever to chose the sex, eye colour, potential IQ or any other feature of a child. The beauty of the human race is its difference and diversity, this form of interference allows parents to exercise to much control over there not even born yet child. Having a baby is a risk, they might love art and you wanted a scientist, well tough luck.

This is a slippery slope to designer babies, eugenics and the attempt to create a flawless society. In this case it is wrong to deliberately engineer a disability in a child, and in the wider sense you have no right to choose anyways.

Sorry this is short and not more eloquent but my opinions are concise on this, when you attempt to conceive a child you take must accept what you create, be it blond brunette, boy girl, deaf blind or any other variation.


One thought on “you have no right to choose at conception

  1. Although you make a sound point, I thought the couple’s main gripe was that they would not be allowed to have a deaf child AT ALL – any genetically deaf foetus produced would be destroyed, and they would only be allowed a ‘perfect’ baby. So the discrimination actually comes from both sides here.

    Sadly then we do not have a system where you even CAN accept what you create where the child has not being conceived naturally (in the case of IVF obviously a scientist would be ‘conceiving’ it, quite possibly without one or more parents’ genetic material.)

    The fact is, for 30 years we have had the ability, and the right in law, to ‘grow’ babies. Is undertaking IVF treatment in the first place any less of a moral choice than the one you outline, and any less iffy? Personally I struggle to see a difference in degree, so perhaps in 30 years’ time we will all be choosing to have blind children and it will be the ‘norm’ just as now it is apparently normal to manufacture a foetus for a same-sex couple and I bet even single women within 10 years. The slippery slope started a long time ago!

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