What a Liberty!!!

Ok, I admit blogging will be light this week! 4 members of the committee plus D O D have 10’000 or more words to write in a week on essays, and two members have a disertation to write.

 However, you can help me, and hence by the title of this blogpost, I was wondering if anyone could give me a helping hand with an essay I need to write later in the week.

Has George W. Bush adopted a realist policy in Iraq?

Each day I will post a question and I am sure you will all feel good about me helping with my essays!!


7 thoughts on “What a Liberty!!!

  1. haha Jimmy… love the emphasis on D O D, anyhoo in regards to your essay question brainstorm idea… ingenious…

  2. Interesting research technique Jimmy, how many words does it have to be?

    I think a simple outline though of it began realist, but has moved to being more co-operative since then.

  3. I think you could make a damn good case to say that Bush’s objectives in, and reasons for, the war concerned some of the principle tenets of Realism; peace through power, self help over international co-operation, Statism survival have certainly triumphed.

    I think that the ‘neo-con’ agenda is, on the whole, just a contemporary extension of the classical realism of Carr, Waltz, Morgenthau etc. Hussein was not a ‘rational’ actor anymore and he was under threat in the region, thus US interests were with out question best served by his removal. There was a good book written before the invasion (2002) called ‘The Threatening Storm; The case for Invading Iraq’ by Stephen Pollack. It’s eerily prophetic and I think that the author was a bit of an ‘insider’ in Washington (it’s also got a really good short section on the history of US-Iraqi relations which is useful).

  4. Blimey all good points cheers guys!!

    I am definetely going to try and get that book Andy by Pollock. I agree that maybe the principle of the war is realist, but has he used realist methods whilst out there, I mean they way they are paying locals now to act as police, and to get information about further attacks.

    That is hardly a very state above all like attitude. But I do take ur points on board.

    Very good popint Louise I had not even considered that, I am going to go from the western perspective, as I think it is more difficult to put myself in an Iraqis shoes, and which Iraqi people would u regard yourself as. The essay is only 2000 words so i fink i need to go from the western perspective

  5. Realism is the dominant school/theoretical basis of international politics in the 20th C but i think that perhaps its downfall is he fact that it is almost, if you discount Israel, a western concept. You can’t really have an Iraqi ‘realist’ perspective in the context of this war as their state has been effectively eradicated.

    I don’t think that Bush’s tactics on the ground in Iraq are necessarily anti-realist. If they further a state’s objectives then they could be said to be realist. It’s interesting that McCain has made a big issue in the presidential race about him backing ‘the surge’ in Iraq. Basically this point of view would hold that any failure in Iraq has been because the US hasn’t been ‘realist’ enough!!

  6. Wouldn’t it be funny if you used some of these ideas and then the universities super intelligent anti-plagiarism software caught it as being taken from this website… You’d be gutted right!

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