Facebook Status’ – A Rant

Facebook has become the essential accessory for any student, this is illustrated by 21’500 Birmingham Students have it out of a possible 27’000 (I even know of lecturers on it!)

I read an article a while ago explaining why Facebook was being more sucessful than MySpace, and also why it was more right wing! A lot of the points I didn’t really think made it more right wing, however, an interesting point did stick out and that was because of the status update you can give, this allows people to show off prestige, therefore making it more right wing. Well there is probably a hint of truth in the Prestiege thing I reckon. (For the uninitatied, there is a part on Facebook where you can tell the world what your doing).

This is where the rant is gonna begin but I am going to try and keep it short and sweet. Status updates can indeed be used for Prestige. eg. Jimmy cannot wait to go China this Summer for example. I like these status updates by people, it is an easy way to know what friends are up too, particularly those you do not speak to. In addition, it allows you to give them some advice.

It can be very useful in the short term as well, eg. Jimmy REALLY NEEDS A TICKET FOR OCEANA TONIGHT

What an easy way to advertise to all your friends at University to see if anyone has a spare ticket.

However, what I object too is people with status updates like: John is having a really bad day, Frank is SO PISSED OFF at a certain someone, Jess deserves better, Alice is thinking why does life have to be so hard!? (I could go on I have seen far worse!)

 Do these people realise all their associates that they have ‘befriended’ on facebook can actually see these updates!? I personally feel a little awkward when someone mouths of using Facebook, in what  seems to be to get sympathy. Why do you need to tell 600 people, some you barely know about how crap your life is.

 For a start I might be having a rare good day they hardly ever happen so let me enjoy the couple I get.

Of course speak to your closest friends about it. Maybe I am getting old and maybe because I am a guy and do not like expressing emotion bla bla and all that. I know though having spoke to many friends, girls and boys, that they feel awkward about such status updates.

 Does anyone else feel this way? Or am I just being insensitive towards these people who after all life is so difficult for???


6 thoughts on “Facebook Status’ – A Rant

  1. Another one!

    ‘Daniel loves a special someone in his life so much’

    At least have the guts to mention their name! Grrrr

  2. I’m not sure why it should be a problem. You are assuming a) that 600 people read any given persons status, b) that 600 people care about any given person to act upon their status; and c)that the person whos status it is actually cares what people think about their status.
    Now I accept there are some instances whereby some statuses are deliberately to attract attention. But I won’t lose any sleep over whether one of my ‘friends’ (ie acquaintence) is wondering quite why life has to be so hard. Likewise I don’t expect people care if i put the same thing. Maybe it is just a way of expressing something that is less ‘personal’ than spoken words?

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