Clegg – 2 key Themes

Ok, hes had a shocking week, I still cannot work out why he forced his party to abstain the EU vote, he came out of it very badly, possibly worse than Brown and Labour did.

As Marcus Brigstock said on Question Time, ‘I don’t know how they have done so badly, it seems to me like Ringo Star losing his house in the McCartney divorce!’

However, his speech at his Spring Forum now was actually not bad I thought watching it. I think he tried to over egg his passion a little too much particularly, ‘I know how it feels when you want to change so much, and you cannot do it on your own’ (or with three less front benchers than you had at the start of the week)

 Yet two key points picked up by Landale on the BBC straight after, he is prpepared to offer tax cuts at the next General Election.

 He will not enter Government with Conservatives or Labour in the event of a hung parliament. However, he would be more likely to consider this if constitutional reform was considered. Slightly contradiction in the message you could say there.

 I want to change so much!!!! But well erm I would rather change how we get elected first!


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