Always good for a laugh.

I learnt two things today that followed each other on BBC News24 today. Firstly that the Lib Dems, who are holding what looks like to be a very sparsely attended Spring conference in Liverpool, have announced a new ground breaking policy; they are going to reduce tax on ‘Smoothies’. And secondly, that Lady Thatcher has been kept in hospital overnight after falling ill at a dinner at the House of Lords.

What struck me is the way that these two stories were reported. The Lib Dems really don’t do themselves any favours by focusing on new policies that can be so easily mocked; tax relief on Smoothies for example. It makes the Lib Dems look like a joke party.

This was contrasted by the fact that Lady Thatcher’s importance is still ranked high enough by the BBC to cover the story almost constantly, including sending a reporter and camera crew down to her house to watch her getting out of her car. Nothing more, just an ex-Prime Minister getting out of a car.

I don’t want to give Clegg any tips but If the Lib Dems want to be taken seriously at the next general election then this is a contrast that needs addressing soon.


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