Today it has been revealed that there is a fear that yuong dentist are rejecting the NHS. This would further increasse the chonic care coverage currently offered, and will affect those poorest in our society hardest. This has all happened under a labour government, but as we are increasingly witnessing how in all aspects of life Labour is failing those most in need.

If the State pays for the training of dentists- which is at a much higher cost thatn normal degrees- they should be required to carry out a certain amount of treatment in the NHS. Just like doctors, they still have thre right to private practice but must carry out NHS care.

 If dentists do not want to have to work within the NHS then the state should not pay anything towards training them. This may sound draconian but with such a vital care jhnot being rovided we need something more radical and cost effective to provide people with a horrible bi annuall trip to the dentist.


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