The Comeback kid…


Hillary Clinton scored commanding victories in Ohio and Rhode Island Tuesday and squeaked out a narrow victory in Texas, breaking rival Barack Obama’s 12-contest winning streak and breathing new life into her Democratic presidential campaign. Clinton wasn’t a housewife… but she sure was desperate. Well no longer. Despite pollsters and pundits predictions Clinton took the key states of Ohio and Texas which in my view could well seal her nomination. Ohio is renowned for being an incredibly important state in deciding the fate of a candidate as Clinton said last night “You know what they say… as Ohio goes… so goes the nation” I am now more confident in my prediction that Clinton will clinch the nomintion. However this is not a time to get complacent, she still trails mildly in delegates. However she is predicted to win the Pensylvania primary held in April which is regarded as a big win. Ultimately I believe this nomination will be decided by the super delegates who in my opinion will eventually plump for Hillary. If only out of a desire to see another Clinton in the White House.


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