Is Milliband deliberately undermining Brown?

Today there was an interesting debate on the Today programme between Hague and Milliband on tonight’s vote of the EU constitution. It is rare to see two senior politicians arguing out the case, it really was a refreshing change, both are of course very confident in their arguments and good orators, so it was interesting to see.

 What struck me is why should Milliband do it? In all probablity they will win the vote, and nobody would expect him to go up against Hague, who there is arguably no better orator in the country.

Then I thought, could he be doing it deliberately to put pressure on Brown to do live-debates with Cameron (which of course was raised by Cameron at PMQs last week).

It makes Milliband seem far more relaxed and comfartable with his arguments if he is prepared to do it against Hague, and opens up a very obvious contrast between Brown and Milliband, everyone knows their relationship is frosty at the best of times. Just a thought.


One thought on “Is Milliband deliberately undermining Brown?

  1. I think Hague’s more of an after-dinner speaker and debater than an orator, although that in no way demeens his abilities.

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