Nope not about all that nomination stuff over the pond. Today is the announcement of the next Chairman and National Management Executive of Conservative Future. These elections have dragged on from their supposed original date by 9 months.

I can imagine for the candidates it has been exhausting, all I can say is that I am glad it is over. When the results come through I will post some of my thoughts.

 I dare say for the quickest news visit CFDiary on, hopefully this will be one of the things to change, so that the official CF website is the first to post such news rather than CH.


 The results are in:

Michael Rock   –   291

Daryl Williams   –   249

Matt Richardson   –   228

Christian May   –   413

Adele Douglas   –   400

Owen Meredith   –   380

Steve Ricketts   –   378

Anastasia Beaumont-Bott   –   358

Pat Sullivan   –   347

Matt Lewis   –   339

Karen Allen   –   323

Charlie Groome   –   320

Craig Cox   –   299

Anne-Marie Bray   –   273

Jimmy’s view: Many congratulations to Michael and commiserations to the other chairman candidates, I think a good campaign was fought by all the chariman candidates, this is emphasised in just how close the result is. I look forward to working with Michael Rock in what is a crucial time for the Party itself, Conservative Future and also our own CF with the conference coming to the city in October. I hope that Matt and Daryl both continue to be involved with CF, their experience and know how is second to none, and it would be a real shame to lose them.

Congratulations to all those elected to the NME, it has been throughly deserved, I think they will form a very formidable team, I have only met Anastasia and Patrick from the elected NME, however, they have impressed me both particularly with Patrick’s targetting of CFs around the country and of Anastasia’s innovative ways of reaching a wider audience partly through video blogging. I am sure both of them will be keen to drive it forward with the other members. Again comiserations to those who lost out particularly Matt Lewis who campaigned very hard and came within an absolute whisker of being elected.

The important thing now, is that everyone looks to the future, this campaign has dragged on too long, and we now need to get back to our business of helping put David Cameron into Ten Downing Street. I believe the long election has though had benefits in terms of the fact we have had a proper debate of where CF needs to go and most of the candidates seemed to agree on the direction to take in terms of creating a greater representation up and down the country.

UPDATE: Still no sign of this result on the official website, an hour after the result appeared on ConHome, this really has to be priority.


4 thoughts on “THE BIG VOTE TODAY!

  1. This is a big shock to me. I thought Anastasia Beaumont-Bott was a member of the Socialist Workers Party. I can’t believe she’s a Tory with a good working class name like that.

    I’ll get my coat.

  2. I applaud the candidates and Anastasia and Michael in particular. A well fought campaign and much deserved victory.

  3. Pretty sound looking NME. I’d echo the comment regarding Matt Lewis however, he seemed a solid candidate, and several of the new NME already seem to have stated privately that they’d like to have seen him on. He missed by 8 votes too, a potential co-option perhaps?.

  4. Are they really your views Jimmy? Sounds like ur just spouting off standard congratulations. What do u really think of the results and of the candidates!?

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