Hillarys Last Stand?

070112_hillary_vmed_7a_widec.jpgAfter a campaign of tears and triumphs, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama prepare to go head to head in what could be the fight for Clintons political life. Tomorrow Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont voters will go to the polls and decide which candidate they wish to see take on John McCain in November. As many readers will be aware I make no secret of my distaste for Barack Obama and my admiration for Hillary Clinton. I believe whilst he is a great orator he lacks substance and his speeches smack of spin. Politics frankly has too many spinsters, Clinton offers solutions and is undoubtedly the more experienced of the two and thus best qualified to lead the most powerful nation on earth.

My admiration of Clinton has increased still further in recent weeks as she struggles to battle against a hostile and clearly partial press. Obama by contrast has had an easy ride. Had he got to the position he is in now by the sweat of his brow and the courage of his conviction alone then I would be more inclined to support him. However his support is the result of nothing more than a calculated campaign orchastrated by members of the media to smear and discredit Hillary Clinton. Therefore Clintons experience, whilst her greatest asset, has become her greatest liability. However I do not condone the suggestion that the Clinton campaign used smear tactics against Barack Obama, however in a curious way I understand why she did it. She has her back against the wall, she is fighting a strong oponent whose strength has been facilitated by a partial press. Furthermore Barack Obama’s campaign has engaged in similar tactics regarding Clintons healthcare plan.  However much of the Obama camps indiscretions have been overlooked by the media.

Regardless should Clinton go out tomorrow I hope she does so with dignity. However I believe it will be a crying shame as I do not feel, as I mentioned previously, that Obama has a hope in hells chance of winning the Presidency and the Democrats will have given John McCain the election. Winning the Democrat nomination is one thing, winning the White House is quite another.


3 thoughts on “Hillarys Last Stand?

  1. I just do not agree with this whole ‘hes all style no substance’ accusation. I agree Hiliary maybe more heavyweight in the policy department but there is time for Obama to balance this out. I have argued the same for Cameron here.

    What I believe is important for politicians is a vision, and I like Obamas vision for where he sees America, as William Hague said America needs to be a moral authority in the world. I believe that Obama has the greatest potential of providing this. I may get this wildy wrong, but thats what I believe.

    Ask people why they voted Labour in 1997, 90% will say becayuse of ‘education, education, education’ then ask them name me one policy they had on education. They will not be able to give you an answer!

    It is vision which wins elections and not detail, and if that is true then Obamas got this in the bag! However, I think Clinton will win one of the big states, and this could go on a little while longer!!

  2. Perhaps you are right Jim, but from the beginning there was something about Obama I just didn’t trust. The one issue I have is you say “What I believe is important for politicians is a vision”… Anyone can talk about change. Its hardly a vision. Clinton’s lengthy campaign for universal health care, which she has been battling for long before the democratic nominaton bid, is a vision. This is just one example. People criticise Hillary because it looks too much like a coninuation or a dynasty. I take issue with this for a few reasons.

    First off, who cares? Just because she happens to have the surname Clinton does that mean she is going to lead in the same way her husband did? Different circumstances make a different President. I also passionately believe that if she is the best candidate for the job and as you say a “heavyweight” in the policy department who cares if it looks like a dynasty? Although incidently I don’t count 2 Clinton Presidents as a dynasty…

    Secondly I also wish to point out Tony Blair did have a vision in 1997, a vision that would end “Tory sleaze”, break away from a “Tory dynasty” if you will. Much the same message Obama is muttering now. However you are right to say “education education education” was important… but it was not the deciding factor. It was more the fresh and hopeful vision that Blair presented that attracted voters, a move away from the status quo is appealing. But let me ask you this… despite this “vision”… has much changed? My guess is no. And thus I would go for reality over vision anyday. Clinton is real, Obama is all vision.

    Incidently I also feel she will do quite well tomorrow, many americans know she is in a dodgy position and I think they will come out, if only out of loyalty. And at the risk of sounding like a nut job and in defiance of pretty much all the pollsters I still hold on to the belief that Clinton will win the Democratic nomination.

  3. ‘Barack Obama is our guy’ ‘He will be one of the greatest leader of our time and make the world a better place both home and abroad.

    l predict: Barack obama will win Texas and he will win the democratic nomination. it is time for the party to come to together and win against Mccain BOMB BOMB BOMB.

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