Hasty Predictions can look Ridiculous

I am currently researching an essay question on David Cameron, so I was tracking back through all the ConservativeHome.com archives around the time of his election as leader. It makes interesting reading two and a half years on.

 However, I stumbled across this rather incredible article from William Rees-Mogg, in which he says the following:

”Has Katrina made Hillary Clinton the next President of the United States? No, because her campaign was already rolling ahead in the month before the hurricane. But Katrina, and the slow response, may have been the final blow to Republican prospects for the election of 2008…”

What a remarkable thing to say on the 12th of September 2005! Over three years before the election, just to wipe out an entire parties chance!

This though should prove a warning for Conservatives who I speak to regularly who think the battle for Downing Street is already won: it isn’t.

It also demonstrates that no single event will destroy the Labour Party either, not Northern Rock, not the Election that never was and certainly not a vote on the European Constitution/Treaty. Any claims made by Tories like this are over the top, and could well look as out dated as William Rees-Morgs article looks now.


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