A few days ago Zimbabwe announced that inflation had rose to over 100,000% (we thought Gordon Brown was bad!) bearing in mind that this announcement has come mere weeks away from an election this made me think…. imagine what would happen if the government announced something like that just before a British election! This is the fundamental point, the government of Zimbabwe doesn’t fear defeat in the polls because they and their dictatorship are guarenteed victory. Robert Mugabe is a repugnant “socialist” totalitarian dictator and I detest the man with an immense passion. Mugabe’s tenure has seen Zimbabwe (formerly Rhodesia) turn from the breadbasket to the basket-case of the African continent. He has centralised power in his gruby hands and presided over a period of rapid economic decline, gross human rights violations and international isolation.

Moreover it is undeniable that Mugabe is a man of gross contradictions and dangerous dillusions. He professes to be a staunch Catholic, however his “beliefs” did not prevent him from having two children by his young secretary, Grace, while his first wife was dying from cancer. He also lives in immense splendour whilst his “subjects” suffer unimaginable poverty. I refer to them as subjects as that is what Mugabe has become, a mini monarch, a little dictator. Further to this despite his socialist rhetoric, his rule has been one of state “capitalism” which has not materially benefited ordinary Zimbabweans because it has been grossly mismanaged due to Mugabes nepotistic nature.

As mentioned previously the repugnant Mugabe has said recently that he is “certain” of victory in the elections next month. Now, picture yourself as an impartial ordinary member of the Zimbabwean electorate deciding on who to vote for. The current government has presided over the following things:

Unemployment: 80%+ (Makes Thatcher looks like a pussycat!)

Inflation: 100,000% (Give me Gordon Brown any day!)

Life expectancy: Men (37) Women (34)

Further to this the governments credentials include the savage beatings, executions and imprisonment of opposition leaders allied with confiscation of white lands…Wow! Let me vote for that government! Who would honestly vote for such a government? This leads me on to the main point of the blog.

 In 2003 Britain engaged in a conflict with the wrong dictator. We have a duty to our former colony to stand up and sort him out. We have pussy footed around this issue for far too long. Words are cheap we need action, economic sanctions only further hasten Zimbabwes decline. It is not Zimbabwe and the Zimbabwean people we should be directing our aggression at… it is the despot who claims to speak for them. So what can we do? Well in a perfect world I would remove Mugabe by force placing Morgan Tsvangirai in power before free and fair elections can be held.. Further to this I would scrap the aid plan for India, (remember this is a government that can spend billions on a Nuclear project yet needs aid?!) and re-distribute this aid to the economic re-building of Zimbabwe. However in reality I acknowledge that the slack jaw of Gordon Brown will do nothing more than mumble negative noises about Mugabe, meanwhile his people will continue to suffer. All I can hope for is that one day Britain and the wider world will stand up and take notice… Zimbabwe needs more than words.


7 thoughts on “Zimbabwe

  1. that is the point ryan… he claims to be one… he talks like one but he acts like a fascist. I admit socialist should be “socialist”

  2. Dan. Whilst I agree with what your saying. I don’t how we could do it logistically. We couldn’t do it on our own so we need nato or the USA and I cannot see either of them getting involved in the situation0for a while! Can you imagine the new president wanting to get involved in a conflict soon after being elected. I highly doubt it!!!

  3. I agree Jimmy, there is no real political point to the blog… I am just intrigued to see how people feel about Mugabe and Zimbabwe. As I mentioned in the blog the time to topple him came and went in 2003. We attacked the wrong dictator as far as I am concerned. However having said this I do feel Mugabe could be taken out without the use of military force ;) at least then Zimbabwe might have a chance to get itself on track.

  4. I think is is just such a shame that the AU has nto managed to deal with this. it is an issue for the african continent and i would have hoped by 2008 the leaders of africa would have matured abit. but it seems i am far too optamistic.

    why must we always police the world? i would like to see us helping the and advising the AU and by supporting it, in time perhaps it could do thing effectily and autonomously.

  5. Sadly I feel that when the coffin dodger, Mugabe, finally pops his clogs then we will get real change. I feel the AU’s inaction is in some way an “anti colonial mindset” and they are reluctant to act in a way that would be seens as appeasing the west. So the AU is cutting its nose off to spite its face afterall it isn’t them Mugabe is persecuting… its his own people.

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