BUCF – Record Breakers


It is with great pleasure that I can announce that this blog, had its best ever month in February beating the previous record of 8148 in May 2007, a quite remarkable achievment bearing in mind its at least one day shorter than the others. I haven’t got the precise figures yet, but we edged past 9’000 hits for the month Thursday afternoon.

I think the committee deserve a pat on the back for the effort they have put in, but I personally would like to thank you the readers who keep coming back and leaving comments (particularly those members of BULS who provide the stimulation for many debates!)

It is now a very high bar to hit again but hopefully we can have a good go at it.

I think the personality of the blog is really taking shape, with Ryan and his social justice outlook, Daniel Cowdrill and his analysis of the polls, Theo and his US election updates, Dan O Doherty and his thoughts of a Thatcherite, Andy’s local view has also given the blog a new dimension, local issues is something where we previously lacked much attention and it has been great to welcome the newest member of the committee Lydia to the blog!

Lets hope it keeps going.


2 thoughts on “BUCF – Record Breakers

  1. BULS will continue to attribute as much as we can to your staggering achievements, both in the past month and in the near future :)

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