A Family Affair (the good kind)


Prince Harry is following the tradition laid down by his family by serving in the armed forces and I commend the decision to send Harry to Afghanistan. I was incredibly frustrated to hear of the decision not to send him to Iraq in May thus I am delighted by this latest development. Whilst I understand the dangers present, I feel the decision to send him was the right one. Harry is a soldier serving his country in the armed forces and he should be treated as such. I am well aware of his status but in the end duty is duty. Lest we forget Prince Andrew served as a helicopter pilot in the Falklands in 1982 bearing in mind he was 2nd in line to the throne at that time! Through out history Kings used to lead their army in to battle and perhaps in a somewhat nostalgic, sentimental and patriotic way I believe that the Prince should be with his (grannys) men on the front line. I believe this will do the image of the Royal Family the world of good, as it shows they are not a class apart and that they are willing to put themselves on the line as any other soldier.


2 thoughts on “A Family Affair (the good kind)

  1. I am also happy at the news that Prince Harry has been serving in Afghanistan. It has been done under complete secrecy, however, and this is what makes it feasible. You are right Dan, ‘duty is duty’; but Harry’s duty is to HM Armed Forces, to serve in which ever way is required and demanded. Crucially, this is not a de jure duty to fight as a soldier on the front line, and so I reject the argument that he was ‘supposed’ to be deployed in such ways.

  2. I take that view on board Jack, however I do feel that his unit was always intended for the front line and thus as a part of that unit he is entitled to be there.

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