Tomorrow the Conservative Party is launching a £500’000 advertising campaign which will appear throghout newspapers, billboards and on the internet.

You can see the images below, and the video too, which I got from Conservativehome.

I am sure you will all have your two cents worth about the quality of the video and the campaign.

However, I am really pleased with the way the party has been moving over the last two weeks, it seems to be launching a much longer term strategy, it is fair to say that up until now, we have focused a lot of big catchy campaigns in the short term. This is inevitably what an opposition has to do to grab attention. However, coupled with the focus at PMQs today of challenging Brown to live TV debates before a General Election. It indicates that we are properly settling down from the Election that never was, and all the Government debacles and settling on our own long term strategy. I think that this is the perfect time to do it and is very encouraging.




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