Oh, Obama…

It seems there has been yet more squabbling between Obama and Clinton as the pressure mounts throughout the election contest.   The cause of tension this time? A photo of Barack Obama robed in traditional Somali dress…

Apparently accusations have been flying that Clinton’s office released the image to discourage people from voting for Obama as analysts report that Clinton must win Ohio and Texas to remain in the running.

It appears that the image released on Monday was taken in Kenya in 2006 as Obama dressed up on a visit to the country. The photo is clearly intended to smear the image of Barack Obama and follows a former false allegation that he is Muslim, which is of course untrue.

It really is a very low blow at this stage in the proceedings – actions such as this one by leading and influential politicians like the former first lady herself are essentially the cause of the slander and dirt that is put upon party politics.

 Although these claims were rapidly dismissed by Clinton’s campaign manager, Maggie Williams and putting a total spin on the story by adding that in suggesting that the photo denotes a negative image of Obama, they should be ‘ashamed’ of themselves.

Does the enitre story remind anyone of the Punch and Judy show? Or is it just me?


6 thoughts on “Oh, Obama…

  1. Obama has emerged largely on the basis of his image. It says something that this alone is giving Hilary Clinton a serious run for her money. She would do better to acknowledge it and stop adding to it by throwing mud.

  2. Hmmm it is interesting that you say that Daniel, surely if Obama has risen on his image alone then that is what is important to the American people – image, ignoring that would surely be a very bad strategy??

    And a further point, even if Clinton’s campaing were responsible for the photo, what does it actually matter, it was released with no comment and why should Obama be ashamed of his Heritage. Clinton herself has dressed up in traditional dress multiple times when visitng foreign countries and pictures are readily available, I fear this only became a story when the Obama campaign actually reacted!!

  3. I don’t think hilary should ignore the importance of image. On the contrary. But I think mud throwing in an attempt to destroy Obama’s image is a counter-productive strategy. If she can rise above that and focus on politics, she will substantiate her claim to be a deliverer.

  4. I have to agree with Theo… Obama has blown it out of proportion… not Clinton. In actual fact it wouldn’t suprise me if the picture was leaked by Obamas camp in order to try to provoke outrage that the Clinton camp would bring “race in to the race”. This could in turn increase Obamas share of the black vote which currently isn’t overwhelming as well as many middle class white democrats who feel appalled a clintons “dirty tactics”. Regardless I still feel Clinton has a good shot and I think Obama is being given a far too easy ride from the media. Clinton has had a rough ride but she is seeing it through…That to me makes a leader. Obama has yet to be fully tested.

  5. I’m afraid i don’t agree with Dan on this one, it seems pretty clear to me that it was Clinton’s camp who released the image as an almost fear mongering tactic to arouse suspicion amongst the American people about the reigious stance and heritage of Obama (following claims last year that he was Muslim.)

    The fact that the image was taken in a negative way by the Obama camp and quickly picked up on by Clinton and spun out to further degrade Obama’s campaign, suggests to me personally that Clinton’s camp were trying to serve a double blow. Very below the belt, i think it really is shameful…

  6. Perhaps you are right laura. I do believe however that Obama’s camp are equally guilty of dirty tricks and I feel that the bitterness from both camps in the campaign for the democrat nomination could actually give the overall 2008 election to the republicans under McCain.

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