In or Out of Europe? what a stupid debate.

Nick Clegg again has released a policy purely aimed at grabbing the headlines. in a similar move to his ridiculous statement that the NHS was one of the world’s worst healthcare systems he has now announced there should be a referendum on whether or not we should leave the EU. This sort of statement might on a surface level go down well with some voters, but the idea of us leaving the EU is simply ridiculous. We are part of Europe and we gain alot of benefits from EU membership. Statements like this are purely aimed at getting people to notice him, rather than any thought out policy.

The real debate to be had here is to what extent to we want to be involved in Europe, this is the debate Cameron has identified it. In us calling for a referendum on the reformed constitutional treaty we are showing ourselves to be engaged in the real debate.

 Adebate over our participation in Europe is a waste of politcal time and tax payers money. even if we did leave we would have to instigate many individual treaties with countries, so that the over all effect would be the same.

 Let’s keep to the rreal issues and not pander to the media headlines. 


One thought on “In or Out of Europe? what a stupid debate.

  1. It is not a stupid debate – we have never *had* this debate.

    The British people have been consistently lied to about Europe ever since 1973, by successive governments – of both persuasions. I have known it as the ‘common market’ (free trade across borders – good idea) to the EEC (still got the ‘economic’ tag there) through to the EC (‘economic’ tag dropped) and now the European Union. ‘Ever Closer Union’ was a phrase that was certainly not bandied about when we had our last referendum on Europe, under Heath.

    It is an institution that has not had it’s accounts signed off for the last, oh, dozen years. This is on a budget of 116 billion euros. Can you imagine a business doing that?

    It is an institution that is continually taking powers from our Government and passing them onto unelected ‘councils of ministers’ and other concoctions back in Brussels.

    It is an institution that is *killing* countless poor people around the world by not allowing them to sell their produce into Europe whilst at the same time subsidising agriculture in Europe to the tune of about 40 billion euros a year. Agriculture! – this is supposed to be the 21st century…

    We find that a small group of MEPs (these are the ones that have *stolen* 100 million pounds in expenses) can use the system to push through legislation to ban patio heaters, right across Europe – because they’re not ‘green enough’. Or how about the truly ridiculous ban on incandescent lights?

    But let’s not get talking about the ‘regulation’ issues individually – we’ll be here a very very long time.

    No, the key thing to me, and it should be to you too as conservatives, is Liberty. Individual liberty and freedom. A new caste of elites are being created in Europe who ignore the wishes of the people (remember the votes on the constitution in France and Denmark who both said no) – the ‘new’ EU treaty is virtually the same document. The EU is creating a superstate which will be run under the Napoleonic Code, not Common Law. An example: common law assumes that you are innocent until proven guilty. Whereas under the Napoleonic Code, the state can convict you of a crime unless you prove yourself innocent.

    In it’s widest sense, the European issue is this – do you want to run your own life, or have someone else do it for you?

    A wide-ranging debate on Europe *must* be had, and no options must be left off the table.

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