Do we expect too much from politicians?

So it has become apparent that Sarkozy snapped at one of the members of the French Public at the Farming Fair.

The apparent exchange went as follows:

French Voter after Sarkozy tried to shake their hand, “Oh no, don’t touch me, you’ll dirty me.”

Mr Sarkozy replies: “Get lost then you bloody idiot, just get lost!”

Ok, so its not the best reply, but some of our leaders have to work 18 hour days and are under immense pressure to perform consistently, and well are unlikely to ever receive any word of thanks, and very little praise.

I think it is perfectly normal for politicians to snap, and quite frankly in my opinion it shows their human, and that they do show emotion, I certainly would not approve of someone refusing to shake my hand because I would make them, ‘dirty’.

And the biggest political overreaction, I though I would post a video to remind us all :-)


3 thoughts on “Do we expect too much from politicians?

  1. If a student else had done what Prescott did on a night out, he would have been labelled as part of Britain’s binge drinking culture and would have been arrested if a policeman had seen him.

    One rule for politicians one for students always the same.

  2. I personally support Sarkozy’s actions… he unlike “the ape” aka Prescott, did not engage in a full on punch up, he merely responded to an insult… with an insult. Good on him :P

  3. I completely agree with you Jimmy. I really don’t know who would want to be a public servant sometimes. The hours they cover mean that they really do earn their money.

    Personally i advocate that they should get a substantial pay rise. I don’t think it would be unreasonable if an MP had a basic salary of £100,000 and a minister £200,000. It would bring their pay in to line with the private sector. Obviously if they had this rise some of their expenses should go to.

    This may end the culture of freebies that is embodied by the Speaker Michael Martin. When will Labour learn that just because you don’t break the letter of the law you can still break its spirit?

    One thing is for certain I bet the class warriors sitting on the Labour backbenches wouldn’t turn it down….

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