A message from Patrick Sulivan

Student Politics: if you don’t like it don’t read it!

As many of you know, I have steered clear of most of the National CF election malarkey a lot of people, have asked me for opinions and endorsements, but i am still holding fire on this. The committee will not endorsing anyone, but I think it is fair for us to put some of the candidates messages out. Back in December I did invite all candidates for chairman and the National Management Executive to do guestblogs, Patrick is so far the only one to get in touch, so here is his message:

 My name is Patrick Sullivan and I am running for the National Executive of Conservative Future.

I am running with a clear and positive plan to build a more effective and cohesive organisation.

I am a longstanding party member. I have served on my University Branch Committee and Area Executive.

I am a proven campaigner. During the Ealing Southall by-election, I was in charge of CF campaigning during week days.

I am an effective fundraiser. I have organised numerous large events for charity. I once raised over £6000 from £50 start-up costs.

I have the experience to change Conservative Future in a positive direction. My plans are outlined at www.changingtowin.com

So when you get your ballot paper – please cast a vote for Patrick Sullivan!

On a personal note, I worked with Patrick in the Ealing Southall campaign, and it must be said his effort was absolutely tremendous, in total we ended up delivering over 100’000 leaflets, a huge amount of this co ordinated by Patrick, it was a fantastic effort, and if this can be repeated in other by elections and campaigns generally it could have a massive impact.

Best of luck Patrick.


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