Barack Obama – Sewn Up

Obama has in my eyes pretty much won the Democratic nomination, 10 states in a row is impressive, and if it had been the other way round, I am sure that we would have heard much more from the Biliary Clinton camp that it was all over. However, I may well yet be proved wrong! For me Washington needs a break from the Bush – Clinto Dynasty, hopefully within a couple of weeks we can be assured of this.

 An interesting argument was put forward by someone calling in five live last night, saying an agent of change previously in American History has always been assassinated and therefore this is why we should not vote for Obama! I doubt even Hiliary would try that line of attack.

It is all summed up well in the cartoon below:

Brookes Cartoon


8 thoughts on “Barack Obama – Sewn Up

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  2. I still think Clinton will get it, however I agree it is going to be much tighter than I had anticipated. The real test will be Texas and Ohio. Should Clinton be defeated in those then maybe I shall concede however it is too early to tell as the candidates are still in my eyes very much neck and neck. Yes Obama has had a string of victories but these victories havent majorly affected the delegate scorecard. Teas and Ohio are rich in delegates and if Clinton loses them then yes its all but over for her, However I don’t think she will and I believe it is too early to rule her out.

  3. Just provoking some debate as always Dan, so much of Presidential elections is who has got ‘the big mo’ Obama has had that and has had it for a while.

    Texas and Ohio are both big states though as you say, if they both win one of those each though!?

    It really could get interesting

  4. haha glad to hear it Jimmy, you are accurate in your assessment… Obama is doing very well… suprisingly. However I still believe Clinton is mde of tougher stuff than Obama, whilst I traditionally believe that the role of President of the United States should be fulfilled by a man (i can feel the gasps of “chauvinist pig”) I feel that Clinton would make a strong leader and as history has shown a woman leader can do just as well as a man, Thatcher, Meir, Ghandi, Bhutto, Merkel to name a few. I passionately believe Clinton relies more on results rather than rhetoric. I watch Obamas speeches… I am impressed… he is a great communicator. But it all boils down to the same problem… all this talk of change and little suggestion of how to achieve said change.

    Clinton however talks of change but focuses far more on how she will achieve it. Further to this she has a crucial factor that Obama doesn’t… experience. Sadly the Obama momentum I feel has been drummed up by elements of the media who find the prospect of Hillary Clinton becoming President distasteful to say the least. Therefore going out on a limb I would say that Hillarys experience whilst her greatest asset is also her greatest liability. She could well loose her nomination because of it. I feel that would be a crying shame as she is the best candidate. Regardless it is shaping up to be a very interesting race.

    (Plus I am quite a fan of political dynasties!)

  5. We can’t forget that the Clintons have a reputation for being “comeback kids”, I still think she’ll win, America surely won’t vote on words rather than policies.

  6. There is a difference between Americans and Democrats Joe ;-) I do take your point on board about being a ‘comeback kid’ although in my opinion its going to need to be some comeback now!

    I agree with your sentiment Dan about experience being her greatest strength and weakness, and I hadn’t though of it in that way before.

    Obama brings a completely fresh change for America and that for me is what it needs over everything, I also think McCain will do this also though.

    It has to be said I am not a fan of political dynasties!!

    I think you should do a blog on why you traditionally believe the office should be held by a man!? That will get a reaction!!

  7. haha lets face it jimmy, after my post on Al Fayed and then the one on Thatcher… i think 2 controversies is quite enough for one week… I need to save that one for next week perhaps?

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