US election update

Well it’s been a busy past few days on the campaign trail, Clinton has suffered 8 Consecutive across the states in the battle for the nomination and Obama is currently leading with the numkber of delegates.  The more interesting issue is still to be resolved; the question of who Edwards will throw his weight behind.  Obama was reported to have met with Edwards in secret in the past couple of days despite this it’s no clearer who if anyone Edwards does end up supporting, clearly vying for Vice he is still trying to hedge his bets and he may (especially if the race continues to stay so close) leave this until the national convention in August.

The next big challenge for Obama and Clinton will be Ohio and Texas on 4th March as such they are bouncing backwards and forwards across the states, Clinton looks (despite her recent losses) to take Ohio comfortably and do well in texas too, however if as some analysts are predicting Clinton fails to take either then she is as good as out of the race.  Obama has done an amazing job at enthusing his voters, with an almost rock star like quality he is spreading passion among the young and blacks alike and this has highlighted his turnaround from being the other candidate.  My guess is the campaign is going to go all the way to the convention but things could change very easily next month and more likely than not if it does it will go against Clinton.

 Meanwhile on the republican front, McCain has, with the result of little opposition from republicans, turned his focus to the November election, if the democrats do end up fighting their nomination out until their convention this is going to give McCain a massive head start and I stand by my original assesment that I personally think Clinton will be far far better at fighting a presidential campaign than Obama will especially against McCain, but I guess this remains to be seen.



One thought on “US election update

  1. If I were a betting man I might put my money on McCain for the Presidency. A drawn out democrat nomination might put the voters off.

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