Fidel Castro: End of an Era


 The Great Survivor has resigned as leader of Cuba and Commander in Chief of its Armed Forces. Whilst I have a great many issues with Castro, who has ruled Cuba with an iron fist for half a century, one cannot help but admire his survival skills. Castro is a man who has frustrated countless US Presidents and remained at the helm of a communist nation…. right on the capitalist superpowers doorstep! Castro is undoubtedly a charismatic leader famous for his long speeches delivered in his green military fatigues. He is admired in the Third World for standing up to the United States as well as providing free health care and education, but considered by his opponents to be a tyrant who suppressed freedom. As mentioned previously I have reservations about his leadership but I can also acknowledge the many achievements to his name. The question now is who will succeed him and will his resignation mark a new dawn in Cuban politics or will it be nothing more than a continuation of the Castro era under a different chief?

Regardless it may suprise readers to know that, for all Che Guevara’s convictions, Castro’s revolution was not at first communist; indeed initially Castro’s ‘adventurism’ was criticised by the Communist Party and he travelled to New York to court US support. It was not until after the fiasco of the attempted Bay of Pigs invasion by the CIA, signed off by JFK, that Castro declared himself a ‘Marxist-Leninist’, and embraced Moscow. How different things could have been…

4 thoughts on “Fidel Castro: End of an Era

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  2. History will absolve Fidel. In spite of over 100 attempts on his life and the strangulation of the Cuban economy, the world loves him.

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