Al Fayed’s ‘moment’…

Whilst watching the news last night, I was very disturbed by what I saw.

The report on Mohammed Al Fayed’s appearance at the Royal Court of Justice yesterday left me feeling rather angry. As many of you will be aware, Mr Al Fayed believes that the death of Diana, Princess of Wales and his son, Dodi were caused by a conspiracy hatched by the Duke of Edinburgh and the Prince of Wales amongst others.  Yesterday he gave contraversial evidence in support of his claim, where he stated determined in his protest that it is the Establishment and the security services including MI5 and MI6 who had worked together to ensure the murder of the couple.  Fayed also stated that that he believed their motive was to prevent the marriage of the couple due to the fact that Princess Diana was pregnant.  Which it has been proven that she was not.  Right then…

I don’t think I have ever heard such a totally unfounded and ridiculous claim as this one.  The media circus that surrounds the terrible events of the death of Diana is bad enough as it is after 10 years of a constant stream of reporting on what happened, let alone what Al Fayed is saying now.  I despair at the situation.  Surely some respect is due, it is a cliche I know but doesn’t the Princess of Wales deserve to rest in peace?

The claims being made in court yesterday by Fayed were laughable to an extent that the BBC news report seemed to convey an almost satirical edge because what was being suggested was merely preposterous.  Amongst others, a particularly insightful comment from Al Fayed referring to the Royal Family suggested they were the ‘Dracula’ family with particular reference to Prince Philip being a ‘Nazi’ and a ‘racist’. Nice.

And there’s more… when the BBC’s royal correspondent, Peter Hunt questioned Mr Al Fayed as he left the court, he was branded as working for MI6 (obviously) and called an ‘idiot’.  How lovely.

It was certainly a remarkable day in Court for all those present.  But the entire claim being made here is utter madness, one might even say a joke, with a total lack of respect for the Princes’ whose mother’s memory is seemingly being dragged through the mud, yet again.  It’s a disgrace.


9 thoughts on “Al Fayed’s ‘moment’…

  1. We better watch out… or WE will be branded as working for the establishment (or better yet MI:6) and banned from Harrods! It just won’t do :P

  2. Perhaps, like Harrods, the Royal family should be made to be self-sufficient and left to market forces. If we give the Royal Family their own cost code and the state pays them the market rate for their services, surely it will be a good reflection of the proper Thatcherite Conservatism that Dan is advocating elsewhere, regardless of whether they sink or swim? It will only be a good reflection of the market, after all, if someone else can bring in foreign trade at a lower rate than the Royals, or is willing to pay rent on Buckingham Palace at a higher rate than Betty and Phil.

  3. There are some things you can’t put a price on. People know where I (and last time I checked 80%odd of this nation) stand. There is no need, nor desire for change, Thatcherite economic reform however was neccessary. The two are not one in the same and Thatcher is the first to acknowledge the value and greatness of the institution of monarchy. The crown is just as valuable and integral an institution as the Commons or the Lords. End of.

  4. :O…. ahem…. I haven’t shopped in Harrods since 1998 when we became fully aware of his wild accusations! I am no hippocrite… I will not give that man one penny whilst he continues to tout these ridiculous claims. There are plenty of other places in London where one can splurge! When Harrods is under new ownership i.e when he sells it or kicks the bucket… then ill go back

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