All Hail our sovereign overlord Prince Philip…



Thats right. According to Mohammed Al Fayed “Prince Philip rules the country behind the scenes” He continued to say “I think Prince Philip is the actual head of the Royal Family. He is a racist” Hmmm… well he is either joking or seriously, dangerously dilluded. Mohammed Al Fayed has proved himself today to be nothing more than a jumped up, theatrical sycophant. He fails to accept court ruling after ruling simply because by accepting them he would have to look closer to home when searching for someone to blame. It was the actions of the security services of Mohammed Al Fayed, the actions of an oppressive paparrazi and the actions of Diana and Dodi themselves that sealed their fate.

 All in all this “inquest” makes a mockery of the establishement and the British legal system as a whole. Whilst I accept that “there are forces at work” in this country, I wholeheartedly believe Diana’s death was nothing more than a tragic accident. What I cannot abide is the blatant rantings and ravings of a sycophant. His comments were outrageous and downright slander. Here is a snapshot of his comments:

On Philip: – Nazi, Racist, Frankenstein, rules the UK, Send him back to Germany

On Camilla: Crocodile Wife

On the Establishment: Gangsters

On the Royal Family: “Dracula” Family

The most important thing about this whole episode is why do we continue to allow Al Fayed to put Diana’s children through further ordeals. They must feel haunted daily by the events of 31st August 1997 without being reminded of it by Al Fayed. To make matters worse he implicattes the father and grandfather that they clearly love dearly. He claims he is doing it for the British people… **** (Insert abuse here)… the British people don’t care Al Fayed. Al Fayed wants Philip to go back to Germany? Well why don’t you take your own advice and bugger off back to Egypt.


6 thoughts on “All Hail our sovereign overlord Prince Philip…

  1. Hmm i wonder who’s side you’re on.

    Objective ? No.
    Impartial? No.

    You’re no better than you label al-fayed my friend.

  2. I don’t claim to be. I am a passionate Royalist and make no apology for it. However even if I wasn’t I can spot the motivations of this man from a mile off. He doesn’t even have a British passport yet this bloody inquest is wasting tax payers money.

    Regardless of “who’s side im on” anyone looking at it from an impartial outside view would agree… Why are we wasting our money? Do we really care? Further can you really see half of MI:5, The Queen, Philip, Charles, The wider establishment, Lady Sarah, and god knows who else on trial as Fayed wishes? The whole thing is pointless. He is one little man on a crusade… for what? God knows.

  3. Dan, sit down. What I’m about to say may come as a shock…

    I agree with you.

    Although (you know I couldn’t force myself to whole-heartedly agree) – bear in mind that you should be celebrating Al-Fayed’s right to say what he’s saying as much as you relish your own right to (quite rightly) point out he’s talking tosh. Al-Fayed is using the protection (from slander) of giving evidence under oath in court to say what he likes – I think people are judging that for what it is – weakness on his part, but a necessary protection nonetheless.

    Your last line lets you down – Al-Fayed may be rather crazy, but thankfully the authorities are reluctant to prosecute for High Treason for calling the Queen and her brood nasty names these days – we should be thankful for that, and we should be encouraging as many more societies to embrace that freedom of speech.

    Incidentally, I completely agree with your suggestion that this needs to end very soon. Nothing offends my eyes more than having to see that bloody picture of Diana on the front page of either the Express or Mail every time I go to collect my woolly-lefty paper every day. Perhaps if you all boycotted the Express and Mail as soon as the inquest is over, they might get the message? :)

  4. John it would appear we are in agreement… SHOCK. You are quite right that my last line is a personal opinion and not relevant in academic debate… however as you are well aware by now I tend to make everything a personal opinion :P

    The crooks of the issue for me is this… this debarcle has gone on for far too long. Royalist or not… I think we are all very aggitated that the tapayers money is being wasted and wasted and wasted some more on a grieving fathers wild and, from what I gather, totally unfounded and unsupported accusations.

    I think people are beginning to see Fayed for what he is now. Paranoid. His grief has led him to become ever more paranoid and dilluded. His latest outburst was attempting to suggest, when critically questioned about his lack of evidence, that a BBC reporter was working for MI:6 ;

    In regard to the papers… nothing offends MY eyes more, when purchasing my “fascism daily” (is that in publication?!) and Torygraph, than seeing Diana Diana DIANA! all over the headlines… It beggars belief. Perhaps the media feel guilty for the manner of her death… after all if we are looking for someone to blame why not the photographers pursuing and bumping in to her car… and in regard to the “white flash” in the tunnel conspiracy?… IT WAS PROBABLY A BLOODY CAMERA FLASH!

    Regardless John it is good to find some common ground… I never thought it would invole royalty in anyway!!!!

  5. We don’t need Fayed to “make a mockery of the establishment” – it does that quite well for itself.
    History shows that power and profits are the only concerns of governments, and that people don’t figure at all. Agencies of Governments will kill people, destabilize societies, and carry out any number of horrendous immoral acts to secure their own plans for the future, while at the same time punish ordinary citizens for carrying out the slightest misdemeanour. If you think this is wrong, then you just haven’t researched it.

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