Oh Dear Darling

Northern Rock crisis again . . .  

I do hope they aren’t deliberately trying to sneak this out on a Sunday, so causes less impact!!


The Lib Dems are going to have a field day on this, perfect timing for them as well, with this whole EU constitution vote hanging over.


5 thoughts on “Oh Dear Darling

  1. It is a very fair point that you make there Joe!! I dare say the rest of country have been saying why haven’t you been a better opposistion??

    This is though a very embarrassingly climbdown for the government.

    Darling to go???

  2. Darling won’t go, because if he does then who else would let Brown control them in the same way? No one else (apart from Miliband, maybe) would allow Brown to be both Chancellor and PM at the same time.

  3. I agree that he won’t go, but his posistion becomes more untenable by the minute, I think part of your reasoning is correct, but also there are numerous other factors.

    It makes the whole party not look up to the job.
    He couldn’t have another re shuffle in the cabinet, particularly not the top jobs.
    Who would want to be Chancellor going into this economic downturn, whoever it is and I think it will be Darling will just be enournmous political fodder!

    Although I agree what you say about controlling, I think a lot of other people would fall for just doing what Brown says in the job as Chancellor.

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