Michael Fallon . . . Helpful or unhelpful???

I am a bit slow with this it came up yesterday that Michael Fallon is ‘leading the Thatcherite fightback’ as someone put it by arguing the case for more tax cuts you can read it here.

I find this sort of article incredibly irritating from back bench MPs. David Cameron has clearly stated that we will ‘share the proceeds of growth’.

 The last three elections we have fought a big campaign of our tax cuts, we lost . . . badly. We are now not promising tax cuts, but too match Labour’s spending until 2011. This is sensible policy, Cameron has made it clear in my eyes that tax cuts will come, he may not have said it explicitly and that’s because he does not want Brown to have huge ammunition to throw at him. I had the pleasure of reading Labour’s 2005 manifesto for an essay yesterday, and at the end of each section, it slams the Tories and explains how tax cuts would damage Labours work.

 This in previous years has worked an absolute treat for Labour. It is irresponsible to be promising tax cuts, we may not get in for two and a half years, the economy could be in a completely different state. To walk in and start slashing taxes could be disastrous were the economy not prepared.

I think we are on the right track with our economic policy groups.

 I agree on lower taxes, but in due course, and it is certainly not helpful coming from back bench MPs, and as Ben Brogan asks: Why is this man not in the Shadow Cabinet? Well perhaps he should stop undermining the top team and he would stand a greater chance.


One thought on “Michael Fallon . . . Helpful or unhelpful???

  1. When are some of the old guard going to actually reaslise that it isnt people who already vote tory that we need t persuade but the swing voters, who are more persuded by effective centrist policies rather than going on about tax cuts!

    thi guy should really do everyone a favour and shut up.

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