Tony Blair for EU President . . . your having a laugh!!!

Tony Blair for EU President, quite simply not on your nelly.

 It isn’t going to happen, he split Europe when he took us into Iraq, he may be seen as pro europe in this country, but nothing compared to some of his EU Counterparts.

I know I know he had a meeting with Sarkozy, who has supposedly endorsed him. I just don’t think it will ever happen. He might be the best person for the job but whether he will get it is a different matter altogether though. I have no doubt in his charismatic role he as the first President probably do the credibility of the role enormous good. However, I think that the European leaders far from being bold and courageous as picking Blair would be, will go for Jean-Claude Juncker the centre right leader of Luxembourg for the last fifteen years.

 However, all this speculation must be doing Blair no harm at all in helping him secure big money city jobs. David Miliband even joked this morning on Radio2 that ‘the EU probably couldn’t afford him anyway’.

Must be giving Gordon Brown a few sleepless nights I can imagine, as perfectly epitomised by the Shadow Foreign Secretary . . .

UPDATE: Fraser Nelson has the news that the government will back Blair. (They would look a bit silly if they didn’t though?)


6 thoughts on “Tony Blair for EU President . . . your having a laugh!!!

  1. I know that you lot like to complain that people are leaving school illiterate, but do you really have to demonstrate it?

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  3. I have no idea who wrote this article. This was waaaayyyyy before my tenure as president. Had I been around said commentator would have been severely reprimanded.

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