Cultured Chavs.

The Government has announced a 25 million pound scheme to take disadvantaged children to the opera, symphony, ballet, theatre, art galleries and give them a wider access to instrumental lessons. This is an absolutely fantastic idea one I support wholeheartedly. As most of you who know me I am a bit of a culture freak especially with reference classical music.

I mention this on the Blog because this news item has come just days after baroness Varsi launched out community arts programme which would bring culture to many deprived areas. I wonder why labour’s idea gets front page of the BBC and ours is not mentioned? Perhaps I am being cynical.

Access to “high culture” is something our schools are failing to do and it is an essential tenant of a rounded education so I am pleased both sides of the house are recognising it.


2 thoughts on “Cultured Chavs.

  1. I welcome the news that disadvantaged children can be exposed to the arts. Unfortunately as I heard on Radio 4 this morning, and this is the only thing I know about this so i only have one source, the amount the government is proposing works out to just £15 per child per year. Educationalists have basically said that the proposal is unworkable.

    Again from Labour cute idea, but can nobody in the treasury add up….

    It smacks of a headline grabber to me – always a sure sign of a struggling administration.

    Just another thing; am I cynical to think that if the vast majority of disadvantaged children’s parents stopped smoking, drinking, eating take-away and buying their children ridiculous sports gear to walk around in they could afford to take them to the theatre with out expense to the tax payer? Museums and art galleries are free…..

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