The Guild . . . Again

Student politics warning: If you don’t like then don’t read it.

So good news, the Guild Referendum was passed by reaching the 10% of the students that they required voting for it, the doughnuts and other methods of bribery can now be put away for another day! (Perhaps as I mentioned on Saturday this could be one way to increase the voter turnout at General Elections!?)

 However, I now truly believe we are on a mission to ‘Save The Guild’, why is this you ask? I thought it had already been saved by increasing Doughnut sales in the area, by about 770%.

Well the focus has all been on the Guild Referendum, the executive’s (the students who largely run the Guild) nominations for next year has been closed. There is no doubt that it has been incredibly poorly advertised, I did not even know it was going on until it was two hours before the close of nominations. In my eyes this is now extremely worrying.

 The number of people standing at next years elections, is much lower than it has been a previous years, therefore this gives the students a lot less choice, and will mean the debate that the Guild needs to take (with its shiny new referendum mandate) will be far narrower than the students of this University deserve.

 I agree timetables need to be stuck to, but the mystery deepens still further; nominations closed last Monday during referendum week, yet the candidates cannot start campaigning until the 22nd February, there will be a massive three week void now of nothing happening a part from a lot of back room political negotiations.

Surely it would have been better to have put back the nominations until after the referendum, this would have meant that candidates would have a much clearer idea of whether they wanted to stand based on the new constitution. In addition it would have allowed for much better advertisement and promotion of the next elections with the new constitution?

 Election Burnout anyone!?

UPDATE: As keen readers will remember my rant about room bookings, it is five weeks now since I asked and I still have not heard anything, it is just so appalling organised, this case is an embarrassment to students of the University of Birmingham.


3 thoughts on “The Guild . . . Again

  1. Good points Jimmy, I think these dates were set down a while ago and as you know this isnt the most flexible of organisations..

  2. I couldn’t agree more! Only the guild hacks knew about the exec elections and that is why we have two uncontested sabs. The ‘back room political negotiations’ surely helped reach the current position. The guild will argue that it was advertised strongly (and will probably quote monetary figures) but advertising in the guild is pointless or should at the minimum accompany the other efforts around campus. RANT RANT RANT

  3. Firstly I agree that it was nonsensical to have nominations close during the referendum week. Though I don’t think it’s sinister – just bad planning.

    “back room political negotiations”

    As the chair of BULS i hope i’m invited…

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