One BAD thing and one GOOD thing.

Let’s start with the BAD NEWS. The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that Sharia Law is unavoidable and that in some circumstances certain crimes or court dealings should be referred to Sharia courts. What an absolutely ludicrous idea. One law one country. The rule of law in this country has been developed over centuries and the point of it is that whoever you are prime minister or peasant you are answerable to it.

The point is even more ridiculous when you consider the increase in religious based honour crimes the need for one British system. I could launch into a much more detailed rebuttal of this suggestion but I am so outraged by its stupidity I cannot bring myself too because I do not think it deserves it. The basic principle is that certain citizens should be able to choose their judge so will be have catholic courts, secular courts, gay courts? I really think the ABC has lost the plot with this argument.

GOOD NEWS Birmingham city council has been awarded 3 stars in the latest council league tables. This is exceptional news. Under the labour domination the council had been rated 0 and social services were so dire the government almost took over direct control of them. Under the cities continued renaissance led by the Conservative dominated coalition the cities’ services have improved dramatically. Birmingham is the largest local authority in Europe with a billion pound budget, if this does not show us as a party which is fit to rule I do not know what does.


7 thoughts on “One BAD thing and one GOOD thing.

  1. Well done for pointing that out about Birmingham City Council getting 3 stars (and a progressing forward honour) from the Audit Commission under the Conservative admin and the contrast with Labour! I think it speaks volumes!

    Birmingham though has a £3.5 Billion budget!!

  2. This is yet another justification for the division of church and state from Rowan Williams.

    On another note, congratulations to Birmingham Council, and to Andy!

  3. Re this Sharia Law malarky, I quite agree. I couldnt imagine anything more absurd. One rule for us and another for those inclined to Islam. No no bloody way!

    The notion that Muslims respect a ‘higher’ entity is all well and true but break British laws and you WILL face the same reprecussions as every other citizen.

  4. sorry andy, im not sure where i got my inclination that is was only one billion, even better that it is much higher showing how we can manage huge budgets and govern well.

    i think religion and the state need some clearer definition as we are increasingly getting confused about how far we want religion in our society. this is not to say that i am anti relgion, certain readers certainly know that to be the contrary, but seperation IS needed.

  5. I agree with you ryan that despite being religiously minded myself the state and religion must be separate. I watched the channel four news item on this topic and the Muslim man who was being interviewed in support of the ABC’s comments gave as one of his supporting reasons: we should allow Muslims in this country to have the freedom to choose the court they wished for the matte. Even when it was pointed out that for example women are seen to be subjugated in Sharia law and that they possibly wouldn’t have a choice whether to use the sharia court or an English one he ignored this by saying he was the best judge of sharia law for himself and likewise for other muslims. Now when Christians, for example, go and live in Muslim countries I see no call for a dual system there where we can choose our style court over their sharia court.

    I just feel this its about time this country grew back its backbone and said “you know what, you are in our country, I know you may contribute hugely to this economy, but you chose to come here and as such you will abide by our way of life and law codes.” I tolerate other cultures but not at the cost of my own, in my own country!!

  6. fair point lydia but you must remember that the people calling for this in the muslim community (if they are at all) are second and third generations.

    i agree though we must argue against this with all the vigor you can muster.

  7. Perhaps Rowan Williams should concentrate on the problems engulfing his own institution before he attacks others.

    Though this is the latest in a long line of stupid things Rowan Williams has said to destract attention from fractures within the church. It is utterly shocking behaviour for a man in his position, and he should perahaps accept that he is unable to provide the leadership that the Anglican Church desperately needs.

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