An evening with Mr. Portillo


On Wednesday evening, members of BUCF attended ‘An evening with Michael Portillo’ at the Birmingham Town Hall.

 It was a really enjoyable event, with Michael showing all of the wit and charisma that he does on the television, and we were lucky enough to have forty five minutes with him beforehand. Without doubt he was one of the most engaging politico’s I have ever met. Primarily because it was not just us firing questions at him, he was equally quizzical about our student politics, and seemed to show a particular interest in our blog!

 On asked how he thought the new media would influence politics in the future, his response was ‘Perhaps you would be better explaining it to me!’

The performance afterwards if you ever get chance to go and see it, I would say is an absolute must, a combination of his political anecdotes and his broadcasting experience, really does make for a engaging evening.

He even said at the end of the event, that we were one of the most ‘incisive and penetrating audiences he had ever been with!’ I am not sure whether that was tongue in cheek though!


3 thoughts on “An evening with Mr. Portillo

  1. Brilliant event. Really enjoyable from start to end.

    Did anyone else think that ‘beardy’ who spoke out of turn, with regard to political transparency, was bloody rude?

    Loved Portillo’s take on the British-EU relationship: “An enduring misery” HA!

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