It isn’t over until the Fat Lady Sings!!

Well no surprises really, I tried to stick my neck out on the line and say that Obama would take it last night, but I got that wrong!

As I mentioned last night Obama needs to increase his white vote, he did this to a degree last night, but not as strongly as would be required for him to beat Clinton, and in the longer term to win the end game.

I think it is fair to say that the big winner last night was Huckabee, the focus of the Republican debate now mainly focuses on who will be John McCains Vice. He certainly has some strong choices.

McCain is known not to be loved by the Republican party, but they have realised that he is their strongest case to win. With Huckabee doing so well last night, I think he now becomes a strong candidate for the Republican vice nomination. He has similar qualities to Giulanni in the fact that he is popular with the right wing of the party. This would certainly even up potentially the dream ticket in some ways, Huckabee has the additional benefit of being able to energise the Evangelicals. This issue of energising the base is crucial for the Republicans, one way or another they will be fighting a change candidate in Obama and Clinton, they need their own side on strong if they are to combat this!

This isn’t over by a long shot though!


One thought on “It isn’t over until the Fat Lady Sings!!

  1. The big question is who Clinton or Obama woould pick as their running mate. I doubt there’s space for both of them on the ticket. Clark, Bayh and Warner seem much more appealing.

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