And we’re off…

02:50 I’m afraid we’re going to have to call it a night for the blog for now, but we’ll be back up tomorrow to give some more comment, enjoy the rest of the coverage!!! — theo

02:45 Huckabee is doing well in the Southern states, its not looking any closer for the Democrats and McCain has already taken 5 key states..

02:31 Obama for Alabama

02:20 Clinton predictd to take New Jersey

02:16 Huckabee also predicted to win Arkansas and Clinton to take Oklahoma

02:08 McCain predicted to have taken New York, this is massive news as unlike the Democrats its winner takes all.. Huckabee has also been predicted to take West Virginia.

02:05 Obama takes Delaware, but the disappointing results in Massachusetts and New York overshadowed this succes. It will be interesting to see if Clinton’s successes in the northern states continue…. Huckabee is projected to win Alabama, putting him back in the race, implying the republicans are no longer in a 2 horse race???

02:02 Clinton is predicted to win New York (safely) and Massachusetts, these are big wins for the Clinton campaign and not good news for Obama

01:51 McCain projected to take Delaware, putting him on double the delegates of Romney so far…

01:44 Clinton’s doing particularly well in the central states.

01:37 Romney’s surge has turned into a strong prediction for a win in Massachusetts. Interesting point Dan, I know some commenters are describing him as McCains Bill Clinton, he brings a lot of support but also loses a lot too. I think another interesting aspect to this election is if McCain wins it’s going to have an interesting impact on the British PM, giving more support for Brown and ‘experience’ where as someone like Obama emphasises youth change and progress…

01:32 Huckabee and Clinton projected to take Arkansas

01:25 It’s looking highly likely that by the end of this week the Republican candidate will be chosen, most likely McCain, would people like to leave a guesses for his VP in the Comments, my personal thought is he’ll probably pick Giuliani, but Huckabee is clearly a strong candidate helping McCain by skimming off some of Romneys vote.

01:20 Clinton projected to take Tennessee, therefore so far the Democrats are going to plan..

01:14 McCain projected to in Connecticut

01:13 Romney small surge in Massachusetts, Hispanics are backing Clinton 69 to Obama’s 31

01:02 ABC is predicting Obama has taken Illinois

00:33 Huckabee has taken the West Virginia Caucus

00:25 Super (duper) Tuesday is being seen as one of the pivotal moments in the American Presidential race, with the results for the republicans looking a hell of lot clearer after tonight than the democrats. At this moment Georgia has been called for Obama and Clinton is not doing as well as she was expecting in her home ground (New York).


7 thoughts on “And we’re off…

  1. I think Giuliani has a good chance. I suspect his approach has gone down well, and he might be the knd of person McCain needs to support him. That said, he may want someone more right-wing as a filip to the right of the republican party.

  2. I wonder too whether the US has such a problem with older leaders, i.e McCain, compared to Ming Campbell and others in the UK….

  3. I am somewhat suprised by the results… I expected Hillary to win more states than she appears to. Regardless it was still a good night for Clinton and she took the big prizes of the night like New York and California. The Rep. raace on the other hand now looks a certainty for McCain.

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