Super Dooper Trooper Tuesday!!!


This evening, Theo and I shall be doing a live blogging of the Super Tuesday, where 25 states are voting to decide the Republican and Democratic nominee.

I will be at a friends house, and we are having an American themed evening with Nachos, Dips, Bagels, Hot Dogs, Miniature American Flags and maybe a few Budweiser’s too!

I have an essay to write on the American Presidency this term, and the power that the office holds, so it should be a really interesting evening for that.

 This evening really is the definition of Political Geekiness.

Anyway check back throughout the evening, and see how long Theo and I can stay up for!!! And contrary to belief of the stereotypical student, I had to get up at 9am to see a tutor this morning! So I haven’t been able to spend all day in bed preparing!!


2 thoughts on “Super Dooper Trooper Tuesday!!!

  1. I think that if Obama pulls in the independants from the primaries that allow open voting then he’ll get it. If either Democrat gets to the White House then i pity the poor people in Iraq that’ll be left high and dry though….

    Think Huckabee has won West Virginia.

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