Here We Go . . .

Apologies for the late start this evening, I got caught up watching Pearl Harbour on BBC three, Andy in the comments seems to believe that Huckabee has won West Virginia which would be a good start for him. This whole race has been very quiet on the Republican side, it has been dominated by the Democrats.

 I wouldn’t be surprised if we potentially see some sparks fly on the Republican side this evening, maybe the touch paper will be lit!

Dan O Doherty thinks there will be big wins this evening for Clinton and McCain, I am going to stick my neck out here and say I think Obama might take it.

 I cannot lie I like Obama, I know Donal Blaney will not be impressed with me for saying it, but I when I hear him speak. I am impressed by his optimistic vision for the country and for the world. I am sure people might say that is because I am young, but I really think he has got what it takes. Ok, so his Foreign Policy experience is not fantastic, well you could argue that Bush’s was, and thats not been overly sucessful. However, there will be plenty of people around Obama to guide him on these issues. It is my belief that having someone like him as a visionary, who has a greater chance of bringing the world together, is something which could be vital between 2008-2012.


3 thoughts on “Here We Go . . .

  1. Congratulations Jimmy brilliant to see BUCF covering such a pivotal moment in American politics. I have just returned from a night out (such a lack of committment!) but from what I gather… the results are pretty much as expected. Obama is doing well… but not well enough and as for the Reps. McCain is doing well enough to cement expectations… and in case you are wondering… despite the Obama “surge” I still stand by my prediction.

    Politics in action… fantastic stuff.

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