The People’s Party- That’s Us!

Calm Down DoD I am not going to write about the Tory Party becoming the new communist party; but what I do want to write about is where I see the party going in the future. This blog will concern the rank and file much more than the Westminster party, which I feel, is already going in the direction I will lay before you.

Now I know I am a bit out of date referring to her, but I just can’t get Jacqui Smith out of my mind, not her cleavage I might add, but her comment that she would not feel safe walking the streets of London. This comment utterly appalled me and I think shows us that labour has truly lost its ideological roots. It really upsets me to think of often a vulnerable member of society say the young or old, walking in fear on our streets. Those with money can afford stab vests for their children, or to move out of the city, leaving those in need in fear.

We need to be that party, the party that cares for those who need help helping themselves, and yes sometimes just helping because we can and they need it. What I hear coming from HQ really inspires me and is the reason I stay in the party, talking to many party members on the ground makes me want to run a mile away, but I shall stay and fight for my corner or conservatism.

We all need to become more comfortable with making sure society, yes it does exist, works for everyone, and I think it is with conservative ideology of increased self reliance, localisation, and more effective reduced state intervention that his can be achieved. Thatcher managed to engage even those poorest in society whilst her social policies left much to be desired, people were inspired by conservative principles. We have to champion Social Conservatism now, New Labour’s approach is failing to achieve anymore.

The rank and file need to stop putting voters off with the toffish image we sometimes give out and join the Westminster party and become the new party of everyone, not just those with.

We bring those at the bottom up, labour brings those at the top down.


12 thoughts on “The People’s Party- That’s Us!

  1. Spot on.

    The policies we pursue and the issues we tackle should particularly help the weakest in society – whether that means making the streets safe, reducing the tax burden of the lowest paid or delivering improvements to the education system. When campaigning we should take our message to the less traditionally Tory areas. There are many areas in Birmingham where we have representation that certain out-of-touch Tories would tell you not to bother with. I hope we continue to take our message to the Labour ‘heartlands’ where people have been particularly let down by New Labour.

  2. I’m not sure why the Home Secretary’s comments were appalling. Surely they’re just true. And before the shocked gasps come in- fear of crime and attacks at night were features of London life in the 1360s, 1820s and 1980s too. Crime exists and is largely unlinked to the personal political beliefs of the occupant of the Home Office.

    Why would anyone expect to be walking alone through the streets at midnight (presumably drunk because why else would you voluntarily eat a kebab) and expect London to be as safe as your back garden. There will always to fear, if not always crime, and darkness, drink and cities always add to that. Why would an admission of the size of the problem signify a break away from core Labour ideology?

  3. Gaz of course there was crime present inall other societies in he past, however i fou d her comment appauling because of the rankarrogance of them. she can afford to not have to walk th streets oflondon, so can afford to not suffer the fear and risks. she can afford to opt out. she therefor eleaves the rest of us mere ciizens to walk the streets in fear. and yes crime has been present in all time but violent street crime has increased massivly inder labour.

    Prague tory cheers,

    DoD hehe

    Daniel: of course you think that, i am increasingly thinkiung your politics is devoid of human reality as u bow down to “the market”

  4. You teach them how to read, write, and to analyse; and you give them the basics for self-reliance.

    You can increase the tax threshold, you can provide educational opportunity, you can ensure that there is a welfare system that stops people from falling below subsistence.

    You can show them the world, and try to inspire them to want a more comfortable life. But ‘society’ cannot do anymore, your presumptuousness cannot do anymore.

    You talk of self-reliance and then in same breath talk of ‘lifting’ people up. This is contradictory, and shows how over-emphasising the role and capabilities of the state can conceal it’s extensive limitations. The intellectual basis for your approach is an expensive, contradictory, impossible slippery slope.

  5. Ryan – I’m actually quite impressed.

    Daniel – I’m actually quite appalled.

    Ryan – I think you should just join the Labour Party, rather than kid yourself that you are ever going to have an ideological home in the Conservative Party.

  6. Ryan – I’m actually quite impressed.

    Daniel – I’m actually quite appalled.

    Ryan – I think you should just join the Labour Party, rather than kid yourself that you are ever going to have an ideological home in the Conservative Party. If you really mean what you say in your blog, you may be surprised how many like-minded people there are on this side of the fence.

  7. Yeah right JR. As you know I also follow Buls – the blog for Brum Uni Labour students. Where in the posts on that blog are you or your ‘comrades’ expounding the benefits of localism, self-reliance and reduced state intervention? I’m afraid that if you’re liking what Ryan saying, it’s you that’s in the wrong party.

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