Cameron: ‘Thatcher rescued Britain’s greatness’

thatcher-cameron.jpgAs many readers will be aware, I relish the oppourtunity to comment on any news regarding the Iron Lady and wherever neccessary, “defend her honour”. Today no such defence is neccessary. Last night saw Cameron, star struck by the ever glamorous (if a little frail) Mrs T, presenting her with a liftime achievement award recognising her undeniable achievements. It is refreshing to see Cameron, undaunted and unashamed to be on stage with, and laud the achievements of, undoubtedly our nations greatest post war Prime Minister.

I have never understood the desire of the modernisers to jettison the legacy of Thatcherism and any link between her and the party. She is undoubtedly one of our parties greatest assests and the majority of British people are proud of and remember the many achievements of Thatcherism. I have always understood the desire for change within the party. I have always supported such developments. What I struggled to understand was the need to distance ourself from our partys most successful Prime Minister and the undoubted successes of her legacy. The modernisers forget…. Margaret Thatcher herself was a moderniser. She wasn’t part of the old guard. She was the “Cameron of the 80’s”.

She should be the bench mark from which Cameron should take inspiration and advice. We shouldn’t emulate the policies of the 80’s… they couldn’t work today the way they did then but neither should we devalue their achievements. Regardless of the ins and outs I am glad that the leadership over the past few months has appeared more confident and willing to embrace the legacy of Mrs T. It is a valuable and enduring legacy to claim.

In the words of Cameron himself ; “Those who say that the modern Conservative Party is breaking with the legacy of Margaret Thatcher are wrong”. Glad to hear it.

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17 thoughts on “Cameron: ‘Thatcher rescued Britain’s greatness’

  1. I love the way Cameron tries to not let her hold the award as it “weighs a ton”… shes having none of that! She may be frail but the fire is still very much there!

  2. To be fair John, your blog seems to have far more mentions of Conservatives, than anything actually positive you guys are doing!

    Perhaps if the Labour Party had any positive history, it would talk about it too.

  3. In regards to Labour having any “posititve history”…Labour IS History. At least John’s type of Labour anyway. When he realises that his beloved Labour party is nothing more than a pale immitation of our party then maybe I will take him seriously.

    The BUCF blog concentrates far more on politics and issues… we refrain from commenting on BULS because to be frank we don’t give a damn what they get up to or what they think of us. Labour can keep up their personal attacks because in the words of Maggie T “if they attack one personally, it means they have not a single political argument left”

  4. You’re having a laugh. I’d be more than happy to write an extremely lengthy blog on Labour’s achievements and “positive history”, all of which the Tories opposed. We can start off with Attlee’s government and the NHS and social security if you like. I’m far more proud of tangible improvements to my society than the utter obsession that you lot appear to have with a withering old woman whose single greatest legacy appears to be having divided our nation in social and economic terms. Although I suppose you lot never cared much for social and economic cohesion. Get over her. Although, looking at her, I cannot imagine it’ll be long before she joins Dennis in the big Conservative Association luncheon in the sky.

    Dan – I started to wind down from replying to your comments some time ago because the points you made were so ridiculous, I half-expected someone on the BUCF committee to have a quiet word with you, or withdraw your posting privileges. I could think of nothing more terrifying than you starting to take me seriously. Your comment is so amusing, I think I’ll print it off and give it to my 7-year old cousin and see if her forensic brain can see any flaws in your argument…

    I’ll let you know how she does.

  5. John I am not even going to get in to a personal argument with you for reasons I mentioned above. I will make a few points however…

    1)Thatcher is still very much around. Your comments about her joining the Conservative Association in the Sky? I don’t know if you are dilluded enough to think that is witty… or you delight in the demise of others? regardless… Its pathetic.

    2) Your 7 year old cousin? Frankly I dont care!…

    3) Labours achievements… hmmm well if I remember correctly it has been the tories in power for 70% of the century to keep them all going… we could have finished all your achievements off had we wanted to! Dont forget the longest period of sustained Labour government was under Blair… aka TORY Blair. The British public aren’t interested in your type of Labour. Labours achievements pale in comparison to ours… but i think what Jimmy is getting at is why don’t you start enlightening us on them? (he said sarcastically)

    4) As for my comments being ridiculous!… HA thats rich… review some of your own comments…

    5) It is not simply a “Tory phenomenon” to refer to Thatcher in 2008… your own bloody party do it. Brown, you know the bumbling fool that leads you?… he even has the nounce to see she is a valuable tool to use! eg: downing street meeting, praises her as conviction politician etc. Aside form this The WORLD still talks about Thatcher in a very positive way. The woman is a world leader. She has inspired change the world over and she is admired the world over. Just this last week she has cropped up in the democrats debates with Hillary aiming to be the “next Thatcher”.

    Your comment points to a broader issue…..Reverting back to the “luncheon” you refer to… that shows me something crystal clear… and something many conservatives have been subject to for years… the warped, chip on shoulder attitude of some elements ( the redundant OLD LEFT) of the Labour membership. They still look to the conservatives as this chapagne and luncheon society. As you have reminded me on many many many MANY an occasion… you are a working class hero… grew up on a council estate blah blah blah frankly what does that matter? That makes you an authority on society and the needs of the “working man”?

    As for someone on the committee having a word with me… I sincerely hope that the committe wouldn’t take the redundant rantings of a socialist seriously (Someone does have a high opinion of themselves)

    And John… the final comment… Ive wanted to say this for a long while and have refrained…. this is a CONSERVATIVE WEBSITE…. Believe it or not. Thatcher is incredibly well regarded in Conservative circles… if you don’t like it… SOD OFF! I don’t recall any member of the Conservative society commenting on some incredibly amusing (bordering on ridiculous) posts of your own… Having said that there are members of the Labour society who do view this blog… but who refrain from the rantings that you engage in… They clearly have more decorum…

    I don’t know who you think your audience is John….

  6. John i take huge offense with you saying that we in the conservative party do not care about social and economic cohesion.

    we do and i have a strong passion for it, but wheras labour tries to level the playing field by rounding down, we encourage everyone to aspire to the top, and round society up.

    please take your outdated political opinions elsewhere.

  7. I think the irony of this article is that it says itself “Thatcher herself was a moderniser”. If you really want to imitate Thatcher you will bury her name. Those of you who really understand histroy will know what I mean:- Take a leaf out ofTrotsky’s book.

  8. I think the irony of this article is that it says itself “Thatcher herself was a moderniser”. If you really want to imitate Thatcher you will bury her name. Those of you who really understand histroy will know what I mean:- Take a leaf out ofTrotsky’s book.

  9. Ryan – you are telling me your party cares about social and economic cohesion whilst your colleagues worship Margaret Thatcher. I would laugh if it weren’t so sickening. I think most of you do indeed believe in social and economic cohesion, but your conception of how to achieve it has been proved to be wrong in the most disastrous of ways. Yes, many Tories are bad, but most, like your good self, are just badly midguided.

    You are also telling me my political opinions are outdated whilst portraying Labour as left-wing socialists and the Tories as neo-liberal free-marketeers. Whilst I agree with the latter observation, I don’t think either philosophy works. Also, if anyone takes a moment to actually read any of my posts, you’ll discover I’m about as detached from old Labour as most of your visitors, and make no apologies for that. The fact that I make much of being (having been?) working class has more to do with me waving a piece of bait in front of your more bigotted readers eyes than it does my being a bleeding-heart socialist. My bleeding socialist heart hardened up at about the same time I realised it was as bad a philosophy as the (polar-opposite) tripe in which many of your members believe.

    I’m not sure whether your last comment was just a throwaway phrase, but if you’d prefer not to hear any dissenting opinions on your blog, please let me know and I’ll stop visiting.

  10. A blog is open for anyone to visit… debate is welcomed… personal attacks or sharp remarks are most definately unwelcome. You can make your point without jibes characterisitic of your remarks. You clearly are hostile to right wing politics… as I am to left… however I would afford the left far more courtesy then you appear to afford the right.

    One other thing I will say is you claim “yes most Tories are bad” “your biggoted readers”… such comments are typical of you. What evidence do you have to support this? You accuse me of rash over-generalisations… perhaps this is true… but you are equally guilty. You clearly have a chip on your shoulder regarding Thatcher and her supporters… perhaps if this post had been posted on a Labour website you would be justified in your vociferous attacks…but it wasn’t and you aren’t.

    Word of advice: when a blog on Margaret Thatcher or other such emotive Tory right wing issues are raised on a Conservative website… perhaps the most prudent thing to do is pass on by… scoff to your friends if neccesssry… but don’t try and convert or preach… you’re preaching to the wrong crowd.

  11. Cameron praised Thatcher endlessly, why doesn’t he just go back to Thatcherism? This country no longer seems to have a commitment to capitalism, which is probably why we’re falling behind others in terms of prosperity. I’m reading “the Welfare State we’re in” at the moment – it’s very good. On the subject of Labour, perhaps all these attacks are just preparation for Shadow Government? I hear Kinnock’s dusting off the suits…

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