Random news of the week

I wanted to bring to your attention this week a story that really caught my eye. It’s right up there in the cut and thrust of political debate and I’m sure you’ve all been talking about it.  

Check it out here.

 I love these random stories that make the news…who really cares that an autumn intake in a Devonshire school is made up solely of boys? My favourite quote from the article is by a teacher, Christina Jones, who sought to reassure the worried public that the boys were not being hindered in their emotional and social development: ‘We are making sure they are meeting girls’. Just imagine the scene: 

Teacher: ‘So..you..er.. like that one?’

Male pupil: ‘’supose’

Teacher: ‘Don’t you worry we’ll have her brought to you at lunchtime to get to know her’ 

Mmm…yeh probably not going to happen in real life just my sick mind, but the bit that confuses me is that apparently there is another autumn intake class that has 16 girls and 14 boys, could they not spread the girls between the two groups? No? well suppose it wouldn’t be news if they did that!  

Another story that I found rather shocking is that 17 years after the introduction of compulsory seatbelt wearing in cars that only 7/10 wear seatbelts, according to a Liverpool Victoria survey! Pardon! Apparently, it is people in the back seats who seem to be the culprits causing 15 drivers and front seat passengers per year to die!  How stupid can people be! According to the BBC website “More than 2.7m adults never wear a seat belt when travelling as a passenger in the car and over 3.5 million don’t believe there is a fine for being caught without one.” Blimey, when will we learn! We don’t want a nanny state but when a worryingly high number of the population seem to still need childminding it seems our hopes of being able to trust the individual are a long way off!

To give my fellow citizens some credit, since we have been following the rules the Road Safety Minister Jim Fitzpatrick said that ‘60,000 lives had been saved over the past 25 years thanks to the introduction of seatbelt wearing laws on 31 January 1983′ and that an estimated ‘670,000 serious injuries have been prevented since seatbelts were made mandatory for drivers and front seat passengers.’ Weldone guys for using common sense and taking steps to look after your own safety lets just hope the stragglers will finally come round to the idea of protecting themselves and others from fatal car accidents.  

Hope these stories get you thinking and talking ; )


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