London Diary Part one

Yesterday I had the pleasure of going down to London to attend several events including PMQs and a YBF public affairs event, whcih I shall write up later this afternoon.

 As I was on the train down early in the morning, we were discussing what Cameron would go at with at PMQs it seemed pretty obvious, as he had done a two page interview with The Sun, on stop and searching more people that he would lead with this. It has been a consistent policy of the Conservatives to cut the bureacracy, and get rid of the foot long form, which takes an officer Seven minutes to fill out! A ridiclous nanny state idea, where we cannot trust our police officers!!

 As we made our way from Euston to Westminster, I noticed at the other end of the carriage was a certain Nick Robinson, it took me a while to distinguish whether this was just another man, with dark rimmed glasses and a bald head. But in the end it did transpire it was him, my friend that was travelling with me was extremely impressed that he was indeed listening to an Ipod, well so it would seem at first. As we were standing next to him it was possible to see that he was indeed watching the US primaries, its nice to know you can be Chief Political Correspondent for the BBC and still be as geeky as all of us bloggers!!

 In the afternoon, we went to watch a Transport Select Committee meeting, Gwyneth Dunwoody, a Labour MP really gave Transport Secretary Ruth Kelly, an extremly hard time. She definetely reminded of an old Head Mistress of mine, where almost any answer you gave was not going to be the right one. Miss Dunwoody treated her as a naught school child, who was tralling out excuse after excuse it was fun too watch it must be said!

 I will give a PMQs and YBF update this afternoon!


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