‘Absolute Balls’ London Diary Part Two – PMQs

Going to PMQs was a real treat yesterday, it is completely different being in the chamber to watching it on Television the volume is so much louder, and it seems far more intense, you get a greater sense of the ‘bearpit’ atmosphere that the politicians talk about.

 Cameron versus Brown from a spectating point of view is becoming a bit boring. Cameron gets up asks several questions, Brown just doesn’t answer them, the dithering line really seems to be working on him though.

 However, the most amazing point was the performance of Boris Johnson straight after PMQs during an answer by Brown, he had said that Boris wanted to cut spending on police, which would lead to greater crime. Being so close to Boris at the time, you could see his typical reaction, ‘absolute balls!’. He then left the chamber presumably to make a phone call to campaign staff, he then went round the back to the Speaker’s Chair perhaps to confirm what he was to do after.

 He came back to his original position at the back right hand corner of the Chamber as Brown faces it. He then gave one of the most passionate speeches I have ever heard. I was very close to him at this point and could barely hear him. Most of the MPs were on the way out of the chamber, literally they all stopped though, including a lot of the Cabinet and Shadow Cabinet. As Boris said ‘I am sure the Hon Gentlemen has misled the House’, you could see Brown scurrying away, it really did look like an animal retreating from the fight. It was the most passionate speech ever delivered by a politician.

 Apparently some said last year Boris didn’t want to be Mayor of London, ‘absolute balls!’



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